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Off-road terrains can be full of rocks, mud, snow, sand, etc. These are extremely slippery, bumpy and rough roads to drive on.

Your average tires won’t be able to handle the vicious challenges of these tracks. Chances are you will slip off or flip over in the worst-case scenario.

Achilles Desert Hawk XMT Review

So, instead of the normal tires, you’re going to have to rely on rugged mud tires like the Achilles Desert Hawk XMT. These tires will deliver amazing traction and power to cut through any type of terrain.

With our Achilles Desert Hawk XMT guide, we’ll deliver all the information that you’d need to pick your best mud tire. It’s a great option for the price!


Achilles Hawk XMT tire overview

The brand “Achilles” isn’t all that well-known, but it has gained a lot of popularity by introducing the amazing Desert Hawk mud tires.

With special design and outstanding performance, this can easily be your best off-road companion to tackle all those challenging terrains!

This model easily strikes the perfect balance between impressive traction and a super sleek appearance.

Boasting the superior aggressive tread pattern, it offers maximized traction and remarkable grip. So, you can slice through any terrain at a fast speed without worrying about sliding uncontrollably.

It is engineered to offer better handling and stability when you’re driving fast on muddy, snowy, or rocky roads. The tires will bite down hard to prevent slipping. So, you’d feel safe driving on all sorts of terrains.

Also, this rugged product boasts effective protection from all the damaging elements that are prevalent on off-road tracks.

So, you can feel free to drive on the roughest of the off-roads without worrying about harming it. You can count on its durability as this item’s very likely to last a while!

And you will find it super easy to get rid of all the unwanted materials that gather up on the tires. Being low-maintenance, this unit’s extremely convenient as well.

Besides being extraordinarily useful on off-road, you won’t have any problem with driving on normal roads. So, you won’t have to skip the on-road tracks when you’re taking your off-roader home.

Moreover, the only noticeable issue is the noise that this equipment produces when the wheels are running on high-speed. But that is to be expected from rugged tires like this.

Buying this won’t hurt your bank balance because it’s quite cheap. But even at a reduced price, its performance is comparable to that of an expensive one.

Furthermore, this rig is the result of Achilles’ commitment toward providing state-of-the-art tires. So, it is designed using the most modern and practical technologies.

Being equipped with top-notch features, there is no doubt that this one is easily comparable with other world-class tires!

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Key Features

The key features of the Achilles Desert Hawk have been given below;

Aggressive Tread Pattern

The aggressive tread pattern gives it a strong and sturdy appearance. Just by looking at it, you can tell that you’ll get fine traction out of the tires. Whatever terrain you drive on, you’ll feel immense comfort and smoothness.

Slippery mud or snow, bumpy rocks, or even mud holes won’t slow your off-roader down or halt your adrenaline-filled adventures as long as you’ve got this model. The heavyweight and strong traction will keep the wheels steady on the road!

3-Step Tread Blocks

Another superb feature is the 3-step tread blocks design. It offers incredible handling and stability that is required to help your wheels stick onto the wet roads. Besides, this feature aids in plowing through the loose surfaces with ease.

X-Protection Sidewall Design

Besides being rough, the off-roads are filled with dangerous elements that can tear the tires or puncture them. The spiky rocks can be quite harmful as well.

But the unique X-Protection Sidewalls makes sure nothing can penetrate the tires to damage them.

So, wherever you drive, this thing will remain shielded from all sorts of damaging elements.

Wide Open Voids

These objects can easily pick up unwanted materials like mud, dirt, sand, rock, and other things.

To prevent them from becoming a nuisance, the tread boasts wide open voids that allow the debris to easily fall off so that the tires stay clean.


This kit is constructed with durable rubber and high-quality materials. Even if you put it under extreme use on a regular basis, the product won’t wear as easily.

Being protected from dangerous elements and resisting all sorts of abrasion, this one will stay with you for quite some time!


  • Offers outstanding performance aided by the aggressive design
  • Boasts firm grip and incredible traction to handle any terrain
  • Performs quite well on normal roads besides off-roads
  • Well-protected from sharp objects and other hazardous elements
  • Wide-open voids allow easy cleaning of unwanted stuff
  • Doesn’t cost a fortune to buy but easily comparable to high-end products


  • Fails to perform as effectively on wet surfaces
  • Produces a bit of noise when running

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the product:

How long Desert Hawk XMT going to last?

Just like most of the mud-terrain tires, this model is capable of lasting for 40,000 miles with ease. But depending on the type of your vehicle and your driving style, it can last even longer.

How long Desert Hawk XMT going to last

What are aggressive mud-terrain tires?

These are the tires with aggressive tread design. They usually have larger tread blocks and more voids. Offering incredible traction is their specialty. These types of tires are designed to handle challenging off-road tracks.

What are the sizes available for this product?

This one’s available in 15 to 20-inch sizes. It will fit most of the vehicles easily.

Is this thing good on the road?

Although handling off-road tracks are the Desert Hawk’s specialty, this model can be used to drive on normal roads as well.

Bottom Line

Our extensive Achilles Desert Hawk XMT guide should clarify what makes this item so great. If you want the best mud tires on a budget, the Achilles Desert Hawk XMT can be an amazing choice.

The exceptional traction and excellent performance on off-road tracks separate this one from other tacky products.Install this onto your tires, and you’d bore through the toughest terrains with no issues!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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