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Ford F150, the bestselling perennial vehicle for all truck drivers. If you’re an owner of this vehicle, then you know the deal.

And probably you don’t restrict your F150 on only one terrain, but in fact, it’s your go-to vehicle for running errands.

Best Ford F150 All terrain Tires

That means you switch between on and off-driving more often than not. And that takes a lot of effort if you’re not using the right tire.

If you really love your truck and your body, it’s up to you to get a set of all-terrain tires for Ford F150. You owe it to your daily driver. If you are second-guessing yourself, then let us refresh your memory with its benefits.

Benefits of Using All-terrain Tires in Ford F150

Benefits of Using All-terrain Tires in Ford F150

Tires for multi-terrain driving merge the best features of on and off-road driving and have quite a few advantages too. So, where do they give us the benefit compared to regular terrain tires?

Stability in Multiple Terrains

The tires are stable in different terrains due to the rugged-rigid big tread blocks and the support steel frames inside the tires that make the tires rigid.

Rugged Tread Blocks

Due to the deeper and wider tread pattern, these multi-terrain tires prevent mud and dirt from sticking to the tire’s surface. The wheels, as a result, don’t get stuck in deep mud. Then, thanks to the big surface area of the blocks, the vehicle gets traction that gives easy handling and stability.

Support Ramps

The manufacturers use steel frames with a nylon covering as support ramps. These are used to make the tires highly rigid. Due to this rigidity, the tires stay stable on highways.

Less Wear

Off-road tires wear faster if taken to highway driving. Manufacturers use different designs to counter that tread wear problem, such as compound tread patterns, stable tread blocks, and strong sidewalls to protect the tire.

Stone Ejectors

In the tread pattern, you’ll notice that stone ejectors are fitted to prevent stones and small objects from sticking to the tire.

Best Ford F150 All-terrain Tires Reviews 2020

In this review, we’ll take you through the options that you can consider for your Ford F150. Keep a keen eye on the positives and negatives to weigh them out comparatively.

Westlake SL369 A/T Tire-275/65R18 116T

We’re starting this review with Weslake’s single solution for tackling multiple terrains. They designed these SL369 tires for those who drive light trucks especially.

Due to its ruggedness and rigidity on the tread area, these are ensured a long tread life while costing you considerably less.

The SL369 tire has deep and wide grooves with big chunky tread blocks in a compound tread pattern.

These grooves and blocks enhance the tire’s traction whilst the compound tread pattern resists tread wear.

At first glance, you’ll see that the groove has a circumferential design. This design is used to channel off the water with the motion of the wheel.

So, the risk of hydroplaning gets reduced significantly. That’s why it works as an all-weather tire too.

When tires are fitted with large and deep tread blocks, it’s normal to experience loud noises and vibration on highways.

For this, engineers at Westlake have designed a pitch tread sequence that reduces the level of noise and gives the users a quieter driving experience.

To counter the instability and tread wear, they have put twin steel frames inside the tire to give it a strong structure. And making the tire more durable, it has a polyester cord sidewall.

When you consider its performance and affordability, it’s one of the best tires you can buy for your Ford F150. It’s not a premium tire, but it sure performs like one.


  • Long tread life
  • Good traction in on and off-road driving
  • Provides quality driving in all weathers
  • Good value per dollar


  • Struggles a bit on deep mud

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Radial Tire-275/65R18 116T

Specializing in high-performance tires, Falken perfectly merged the features of both on and off-road driving.

Driving on multiple terrains demands more from the tire, and these Wildpeak tires have the capacity to meet those demands.

In a Wildpeak AT3W tire, you’ll find that the upper half and bottom half of the sidewall adds to the overall durability by protecting the structure. How does that happen?

Well, the upper sidewall with its offset shoulder blocks prevents stones from getting in between the tread blocks while protecting the interior of the tire from sharp objects.

The tires have a heat diffusion technology in their lower sidewall. It dissipates the friction heat from the tire, so your tire stays cool during driving.

The heat would’ve accelerated your tire’s tread wear if it wasn’t removed. When the vehicle is in high torque, the 3D Canyon Sipe technology resists wear.

Engineers at Falken added steel frame inside the tires that make the tires highly rigid and stable, which counter the weakness of a wider tread pattern.

The frameworks as a support to the tire’s structure. Also, the rigidity of the tire tackles the vibration as the wheel gains speed.

So, you’re getting better stability and easy maneuverability on hard pavements like highways. Falken’s Wildpeak tires handle snowy conditions too.

When you take its features into consideration and the lower price point compared to premium brands, you have to commend its price to performance ratio.


  • Durable
  • Quality sidewall features
  • Handles snow conditions well
  • Doesn’t wear out quickly
  • Stability


  • The performance will suffer on soft dirt

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Falken Wildpeak AT3W Radial Tire-275/70R18 125S

Falken perfectly brought together the features of both on and off-road driving in its all terrain solution.

The Wildpeak tires are quite capable of delivering the needs of multi-terrain driving on your F150. With a competitive price point, the AT3W tire is a good alternative to premium brands.

All Wildpeak AT3W tires have a sidewall that is vital to the tire’s stability and longevity. The upper and lower half of the sidewall, both have features to protect the tire from outside dangers.

And the upper half of the sidewall has offset shoulder blocks that stop stones from getting lodged in between the tread grooves. Also, its thick surface protects the interior of the tire.

In the lower part of the sidewall, it has a heat diffusion technology for the dissipation of the heat produced from road friction.

The heat can damage your tire if it’s not removed quickly. Tread life shortens due to heat. And when you put the vehicle on high torque, the 3D Canyon Sipe design protects the tread from wear.

As a counter to the weakness of large void area and tread blocks, they installed steel frames inside the tires to increase the tire’s rigidity. These frames are also known as support rams that reinforce the tire’s structure.

Highly rigid tires can handle the vibration of the wheel as you gain speed. By reducing vibration and increasing stability, you’ll experience much quieter and more stable driving.

Falken’s Wildpeak tires have the ability to run on snowy roads also due to the staggered blocks. These tires do not disappoint when it comes to performing in different terrains.


  • Quality sidewall features
  • Durable
  • Tackles snow conditions well
  • Doesn’t wear out quickly
  • Stability in all terrain


  • The performance will be less on soft dirt

NITTO Terra Grappler G2 A/T All Season Tire-275/65R18 XL 116T

After the well-performing Nitto Grappler, the company has brought an upgraded version called the G2.

Keeping almost all the features the same, they increased the tire’s stiffness a bit compared to the original one.

Geared towards the light truck and SUV users, this tire performs excellently on multiple terrains.

If you’re a sucker for good looking tires, then this G2 will impress you. With its aggressive tread design, it will boss around the roads with strong traction.

The full-depth sipes from the original version are still here to increase its traction on slippery and soft terrains. It performs exceptionally well on snow while it can hold its own on harsh terrains.

If we’re honest, it didn’t perform as well as its predecessor on wet roads. It seemed to have the weaker gripping ability on slippery roads, although some customers said they felt it was better than the original.

All that said, we still think it’s a good daily driver for different weather conditions as it performs quite well on all other surfaces.

They improved the tread life on this Terra Grappler G2 with a stronger sidewall and rigid tread pattern.

Although in terms of noise it didn’t improve much, it’s better than any stock tire. You’ll hear some hum during street driving, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

This Nitto Terra Grappler G2 improves handling, snow performance, and tread life, but it does cost higher.

It absorbs all difficulties of multiple terrains to deliver you a much smoother experience.


  • Strong sidewall
  • Commendable performance in all weather
  • Variable pitch tread design
  • Long tread life


  • Might be costly for budget buyers
  • Treadwear may increase in hot weather

Travelstar EcoPath A/T Radial Tire-LT275/65R18 123S

Known for its longevity, at number 5, we have the Ecopath tire from Travelstar. Although meant for driving on multiple terrains, it can also deliver quality performance in different weathers.

It has a 50,000 miles rating for its tread life. Although we couldn’t test it, users seem to agree.

These tires are targeted towards light truck users like you. With its staggered tread blocks, there won’t be any shortage of traction in any weather or terrain.

Your F150 will have a good amount of traction due to these tires for stable handling on different terrains.

The tread design of the tire allows the tire to get rid of mud and other substances that stick to the tire surface and fill the voids that reduce traction. Thanks to the tread design, the tire cleans itself during spinning.

Hydroplaning risk is always there on wet roads. And again, the tread’s circumferential design comes in handy as it guides away water from under the tire.

As the water gets dispersed, the tire can stay in constant contact with the road for continuous traction.

Strong upper sidewalls protect the interior by preventing sharp objects and stone from entering.

Moreover, when you’re in deep mud, the shoulder blocks along the sidewall keep the vehicle in a forward motion to stop you from getting stuck in the mud.

For its affordable price, Travelstar’s Ecopath gives the premium tires a run in terms of price vs. performance.


  • Quality Sidewall
  • Tackles different terrains quite well
  • Long tread life
  • Excellent for all-weather driving


  • The tire’s outlook might seem underwhelming to some users

What to Look for in All Terrain Tires for Ford F150?

Things to Consider Before Buying tire for f150

So, you have decided to upgrade your tires for both on and off-road driving, but how will you know which is the best for your Ford F150 trucks?

It’s simple; you evaluate the tires with some criteria. To do that, first, consider these factors below.

Can It Handle the Pressure and Weight of Your Ford F150?

Can It Handle the Pressure and Weight of Your Ford F150

Do you want to put the tires in your F150 truck for carrying heavy loads? Or you’re going to use it in your truck for personal stuff?

If it’s heavy commercial stuff, then you’ll need to get tires that can handle higher pressure and weight. This should be considered even in personal usage.

How Strong Is the Sidewall?

Sidewalls play a part in durability. They protect the tire’s interior and increase longevity. Thicker sidewalls mean sharp objects can’t enter.

The thickness also increases shock and vibration absorption. Off-road driving requires it more than any other.

What’s the Speed Rating?

The speed rating of a tire is the speed limit. After the vehicle passes the speed limit, the tires start heating up and become unstable. And all that heat increases tread wear.

Heat Diffusion Technology

The heat on the tire needs to be dissipated to cool the tire down. If the heat isn’t removed quickly, the tires will lose rubber faster.

That’s why this Heat Diffusion Technology is important. Modern tires have it in the lower sidewall.

The Measurements and Sizing

The size of your tires is determined by the wheel’s outer diameter in inches. You’ll find different tire size conversion guides to know your size requirement. And you need to count how many tires you’re going to use, and also the add-in wheel size.

In the market, there are wheels from 15 inches to 22 inches for you to choose from. Wrong measurement and sizing mean loss of money.

Larger Tread Blocks

To tackle the various conditions of different terrains, the tires need to have large tread blocks and wide tread grooves.

These increase traction by working as the contact surface with roads, especially on muddy and rocky roads.

Compound Tread Pattern

Most modern tires for multi-terrain driving now have a compound tread pattern. Its necessity arose due to the problem of tread wear.

The wider and deeper tread pattern is too unstable to drive on highways and other hard surfaces.

Tires lose rubber faster due to the instability. And here, the compound tread pattern comes in to increase the tire’s stability. To achieve this, the engineers put protruded patterns in between the big tread blocks.

So, as a result, wider treads take care of the mud-terrain whilst keeping its shape on hard pavements.

Silica or Carbon Treated Rubber

The rubber material of tires wears easily due to friction. To counter this problem, engineers use Silica and Carbon coatings to increase the tire’s longevity.

But it has another benefit too. The coating also prevents mud and debris from sticking to the tire surface for better traction.

Tire’s Rigidity on Tough Terrains

On tough terrains, tires have a tough time with its stability due to wider treads. It’s vital that your tires are rigid enough to withstand the pressure and friction of street driving.

As a solution, engineers fit steel frames inside the tires as reinforcement to its structure. This frame supports make the tire highly rigid that counters the weakness of wide treads.

So it’s stable on rough pavements. Highly rigid tires do not wear out as easily as soft tires do.

Prevention from Puncture

A punctured tire in the middle of the road isn’t delightful. When driving on roads, stones and small objects get into the tread grooves, and over time, they damage the tire.

Strong sidewalls prevent these phenomena quite well. But more importantly, those stone ejectors in the modern tread design work better by pushing out the stones immediately. Stone ejectors are small rubber structures in the tread design.


Buying from brands has its perks. Brands like WestLake, Falken, Nitto, Federal, and others are known manufacturers of good quality tires.

Their assurance of quality made them popular among the customers. Moreover, you’ll be getting warranties for your products from brands.


If you buy from premium brands, it’ll cost you a lot of money. But you’ll find brands that give the same quality for a much lower price.

Of course, you’ll lose some additional features. Your criteria should be a price-performance ratio. You don’t want to spend a ton on just the wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

F150 Tire Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between an off-road tire and an all terrain tire?

Their differences can take pages if said in detail. But if you want a simple answer, they differ from each other in their type of usage.

The off-road tires are built only to tackle the harsh conditions of off-road whilst the all terrain tires are ready to be used in all kinds of terrains such as mud, rock, gravel, and snow.

How much is the longevity of an all terrain tire?

There’s no absolute answer to this question. But you can expect any all terrain tire to last more than mud terrain tires. However, it may come short when compared to all-weather highway tires.

What’s the ideal diameter for an all terrain tire?

The ideal diameter of a tire depends on the diameter of the wheel. Take a look at the tire size guide.

Where does an all season tire differ from an all terrain tire?

All season tires are basically highway tires designed to perform in different weather conditions like rain, snow, etc.

And all terrain tires are designed to tackle different terrains like mud, sand, snow, and rocky roads.

Are these tires safe?

These tires are designed to keep the user and the vehicle safe in multiple terrains, but the overall safety depends on the driver and the driving style.

Final Words

To conclude, you now have all the necessary know-how to figure out which are the best all terrain tires for Ford F150.

If you’re still unsure about your decision, then why not consider our recommendations? Any of the tires on this list is a great buy.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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