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Let us start with the basic question – what is an exhaust system? It is like a breathing mechanism for your vehicle. The engine system has to give off fumes to let the car breathe and work under better conditions.

How are these fumes driven out? You guessed it right – through the exhaust pipe! What happens if the original tailpipe of your Jeep JK fails to expel out fumes? You do not want to know.

This is why every Wrangler JK owner must have some knowledge about which is the good Jeep JK exhaust system for their much-loved vehicle.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of some popular exhaust systems for your benefit. All you have to do is check it out and simply choose your favorite!

Best Jeep JK Exhaust System Review in 2021

Our overall guide represents some well-recognized brands that are known to constitute top-notch exhaust all around the globe. Let us explore!

Best Jeep JK Exhaust System

BLACKHORSE-RACING 2.5” Electric Exhaust Downpipe Cutout

BLACKHORSE-RACING 2.5 inch Electric Exhaust Downpipe Cutout

This downpipe is not only suitable for Jeeps but also applicable to all types of vehicles. The valve kit is 2.5 inches in diameter, an universal fit for all regular OD pipes. It instantly enhances the performance level of your vehicle after setting it up. The toggle switch will boost the power as well once flipped.

You should take into account the installation process carefully. The kit is a DIY project. Therefore, you will have to make sure to check if the exhaust size is 2.5 inches before welding the pipe to your exhaust system. It would not matter whether it is factory-made or aftermarket purchase so long the diameter size concedes.

The motor can be separated if there ever needs a reason. Also, the valve will not control the angle in order to switch it on and off. You will be able to do it right from inside of your ride. When the switch is off, you can enjoy the comfortable and original hum of the exhaust.

Turning on the switch will deliver that deep resonating sound many would love to own for their vehicles. The E-Cut Out Valve System can push out the gas faster than other valve kits. As a consequence, the combustion will proceed to work quicker, resulting in added horsepower.

Let us not forget that this would mean the aggressive deep sound, all the while securing smooth emission of exhaust gas. The BLACKHORSE-RACING cut out kit is very durable and lightweight because of T-6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy material. It has been CNC Machined anodized to provide resistance to corrosion.


  • The design increases HP up to 10
  • Made from strong materials
  • Delivers efficient performance
  • Output by the engine increases dramatically


  • Applicable to only 2.5 inches of exhaust system piping

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Performance 5” Downpipe Back Exhaust Kit System

Do you drive a Ford F250 or F350 from 2011 to 2019? Then you have come to the right section. Performance 5” Back Exhaust Kit is downright straightforward to install.

It is one of the reasons why the product has become quite favorable to the ranges of vehicle owners. That means you can totally add it to your cart without any unnecessary hassle.

Moreover, it maximizes the performance in the off-road driving experience. The kit system is a marvelous addition when your turbo pickup truck participates in a racing competition!
Many exhaust systems have an intricate construction design.

This sometimes complicates the operating system when the engine is running. Performance 5” is associated with straight pipe design.

Though the kit does not include a muffler or a tip, the main objective of minimizing heat temperature can be successfully achieved.

This aftermarket replacement also provides further horsepower and torque alongside a smooth exhaust gas flow. It is possible because of mandrel-bent tubing.

Tubes that have gone through this process offer the quickest motion of gas towards exhaust pipe. Hence, the system increases the execution level significantly. Driving through rough terrains will bring about a spectacular experience.

While other exhaust kits require mounds of instruction to assemble and set up, Performance Back Exhaust kit only needs to bolt it up underneath without any hassle.

As the clamp and hangers have been included, the installation gets as simple as possible. On top of it, the anodized steel material completes the making of the model effectively.


  • Anodized steel delivers corrosion-free exhaust kit
  • Very durable in terms of utilization
  • Comes with a pretty straightforward installation; clamps and hangers are incorporated to bolt-on
  • Suitable for turbo pickup trucks and other vehicles for racing


  • The pipe length over the rear axle seems to be a little lengthier

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MBRP S6100PLM Turbo Back Single Side Exhaust System

Who would not love an all-in-one exhaust system crafted from the highest materials? Any enthusiast would happily vote MBRP S6100PLM for being the best Jeep Wrangler jk exhaust system!

What makes it the best? Firstly, it does not compromise the value of quality despite being cost-effective. Every component is built to carry out the ultimate performance.

The system constitutes of all the necessary clamps and hangers to install effortlessly. This Turbo Back Exhaust will emit the perfect sound every Wrangler owner desires.

You will be surprised at the improved torque boost it presents. Additionally, a very responsive throttle with the faster operation will leave you amazed. The mandrel-bent tubing structure gets the exhaust out quicker.

It can reduce heat temperature faster than other Turbo Backs. Therefore, you will not only receive excellent performance but also enjoy the drive with an optimal tuned sound for your vehicle.

There is no question about the level of installation difficulty because it is as simple as it gets. No matter the configuration of your Jeep, you can easily set up the exhaust on your own using the included hangers and clamps.

And the muffler delete pipe will ensure the lessening of internal combustion noise, and heavy-duty aluminized steel accumulates longevity beyond expected.


  • Muffler delete pipe ensures better performance
  • Can be installed using standard hand tools
  • Improved torque and horsepower
  • Exhaust gas heat temperature reduces faster
  • Superior fuel efficiency by 1-2 mpg
  • Heavy-duty aluminized steel construction for anti-corroded durability
  • The sound is superb


  • Some models might require additional rear frame hanger which is not included

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MBRP S6212PLM Turbo Back Single Side Off-Road Exhaust System

This product is also a part of the MBRP PLM series that comes with multiple features, just as mentioned in the previous one. Nonetheless, S6212PLM has the unique advantages that set it apart from others.

We highly recommend this modification to add to your Jeep JK if you have not done it already. Unlike some exhaust kits, this turbo single side exhaust kit will need no welding to bring perfection.

The main factor of this exhaust is its durability and enhanced horsepower. These are of greater importance when off-roading in rough paths. The upgraded torque power will allow the vehicle to climb the slopes or navigate through mud effectively.

Even if the system does not provide added horsepower, the muffler delete pipe will guarantee to decrease backpressure. Thanks to the mandrel-bent tubing formation, your engine will lag lesser strain when it runs.

And this is why the S6212PLM efficiently vents out the heated gas rapidly, resulting in smooth drive through various adventurous situations. If you have not upgraded your Jeep JK’s exhaust system, we suggest settling with this item for more excellent benefits!

Even installing this product is considered a one-person job. However, if you wish to get a helping hand, by all means, a professional mechanic will assist you in finishing the job.
In short, this single-side exhaust kit is worth investing your bucks on. It will not let you down.


  • Mandrel-bent tube offer rapid exhaust flow
  • Superior fuel efficiency by 1-2 mpg
  • Best known for durability due to heavy-duty material make
  • Easy-to-follow instruction to install
  • Muffler delete pipe executes maximum performance
  • Bolts and clamps are all included
  • EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) is lower which affirms faster exhaust flow


  • Nearby neighbors might find loud turbo whistle irritating

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DNA Motoring CBE-LEGACY-T2-SS Stainless Catback Exhaust System

DNA Motoring CBE-LEGACY-T2-SS Stainless Catback Exhaust System

If you are not into the majestic deep revving sound, then this is not the one for you. Because this cat-back exhaust system has the most aesthetic and aggressive sound that no one could say no to!

DNA Motoring’s top priority is to deliver high-quality materials. Therefore, their cat-back exhaust is made from T-304 Stainless steel. Add a computerized mandrel-bent tube, and you will get yourself a perfectly durable and robust exhaust.

Even though the manufacturer has included the hardware and gaskets with the kit, we advise the involvement of a professional installer unless you know what you are doing.

How do you benefit by implementing a cat-back? The key feature is the extra horsepower you get. Next is of higher fuel efficiency. Then comes the understanding of what your engine’s combustion needs.

Have we mentioned the stylish appearance it has got? The look alone is stunningly impressive that you would not want to part with it. On top of that, the functionality allows your vehicle’s engine to run better in every situation.

CBE-LEGACY-T2-SS can be the best trade-off for a regular factory-made if yours is one. The overall output result achieved from this exhaust system is fit for long term operations.

An instant increase of 15 to 25 horsepower means super efficiency in performance. It does not matter what kind of vicinity you drive into; the hassle-free gas flow can be attained nonetheless.


  • Increase in low-end torque power up to 25
  • An incredibly aggressive tuned sound that many prefer
  • Smooth gas flow to ensure better engine output
  • Made from high-grade materials
  • Flanges are TIG welded CNC machined to fight against corrosion and pressure
  • Very stylish appearance


  • The noise could seem louder for some consumers

Performance 4” Aluminized Steel Downpipe Back Race Exhaust Kit System

The specialty of Performance 4” is the quality of the product output. It is one of those aftermarket replacements that has got to be on the list of to-buy. Because the item is very affordable for all.

Aluminized steel is the reason for the kit’s resilience. Each component you look at has the precise cut and shape to fit any diesel pickup truck. Whether you own a Ford F350 or other turbo pickups, this exhaust will get its job done in an instant.

What better exhaust kit to replace with than a Performance 4” when racing against other enthusiasts? It hardly requires anything extra for the installation. If you love working on your vehicle, then the instruction can be followed quickly.

As the kit is manufactured for a simplistic installing, the back exhaust can be mounted to the turbo directly. The outcome is the expulsion of swift yet subsided gas temperature.

And the straight pipe structure also comes with a full diameter for increased flow of exhaust. Hence, it provides enhanced torque and HP, depending on the model of your truck.

There is no muffler for better performance on the exhaust, but all the necessary clamps and hangers have been included for accurate sealing. The pipe’s very objective in exhaust flow is excellent thanks to the mandrel bend process.


  • Can fit in crew and extended cab, long and short bed
  • Emission of lowest exhaust gas temperature
  • Mandrel-bent pipe and lower band degree angles allow maximum gas flow
  • Possible added horsepower and torque
  • Crafted from highly durable materials
  • Straightforward bolt-on installation


  • Some vehicle types may need trimming the extended pipe to fit by the wheelbase

MagnaFlow 15160 Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System Kit

MagnaFlow 15160 Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System Kit

If we had to choose one particular product for being the best Jeep Wrangler exhaust system, MagnaFlow 15160 is the one to deserve the acknowledgment!

From the perforated core to the exterior design, everything has been crafted from stainless steel. Thus, making the product the most durable of all. The assembling of the entire system kit results in pleasurable driving.

What else makes this the best product? The first point goes to the dense, flat black powder-coated frame. What do we get? Up to 1000-degree Fahrenheit heat resistance!

And the perfect gas flow alongside the distinct humming sound will make this a favorite of any Jeep JK lovers. It is highly anti-corrodent than standard exhaust systems on the market.

The installation guide comprises of an extensive imagery instruction in order to understand the steps nice and easy. With the help of this user manual, you can apply the bolt-on fitting within a short time.

You will find an exhaust clamp of a 3-inch ID width created from 304 stainless steel material. The clamp can be adjusted to seal the piping accurately that prevents leaks.

We recommend this fantastic product for all the Wrangler owners out there who are looking into an exhaust replacement. It has got everything a dedicated Jeep enthusiast hopes for their off and on-road experience.


  • Straightforward installation with the help of imagery directions
  • Gives off a rich and vibrant engine tone because of the perforated core
  • Black coated exterior allows 1000+ hours of salt fog
  • Flat black powder coating has the tolerance of 1000º F of heat temperature
  • Resists corrosion effectively
  • Exceptionally stylish and classy design
  • Produced from high-quality stainless steel
  • A 3-inch width clamp is included for proper fittings


  • Several reports of some cheap fitment were found

Flowmaster 817688 Outlaw Series Catback Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817688 Outlaw Series Catback Exhaust System

This product is another masterpiece from different manufacture. We call it a masterpiece because the performance it delivers is just what you seek. The sweet aggressive roar that you have been wanting is right here!

Likewise, the majority of the consumers have selected this model for their trucks for its quality. But mainly for that powerful and deep sound. When you hear it, you will know you have got the right part for your vehicle.

Once you install it, all you would like to do is sit back and enjoy the drive with that resonating throttle sound. It is a simple bolt-on installation. We still suggest getting a pair of professional hands for an accurate mounting.

Some mounts may need a little bit of drilling and welding to fit correctly with the particular Jeep model. But after everything is set and done, we assure you that you’ll have no regrets.

Let us now talk about the performance. This Outlaw Series has been Dyno tested for the top-notch action., the item’s high-grade design that is made out of T409 stainless steel boosts gas motion for a long-lasting engine.

Moreover, the smooth exhaust flows freely, thanks to the works of mandrel-bent tubing with Outlaw mufflers. It also minimizes the backpressure for further gas mileage, torque, and horsepower.

In short, this superior grade cat-back by Flowmaster is considered the best exhaust system for Jeep JK by many users.


  • Top-quality material is used for the longevity of the product
  • Lower backpressure due to mandrel-bent tubing
  • Provides the best aggressive tune
  • Performance skill increases which is Dyno-test proven
  • More torque and horsepower can be achieved along with gas mileage
  • Bolt-on mounting installation hardly requires extra maintenance


  • Might require the assistance of professional mechanic to set it up
  • Slight welding and drilling might be needed for some vehicles

MRT 91A176 2010-15 V6 Camaro Version 1 Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

MRT 91A176 2010-15 V6 Camaro Version 1 Axle-Back Performance Exhaust System

The MRT Version 1 has the features of North American Grade T304 stainless steel that delivers the highest span of exhaust life. It is best suitable for the 2010-2015 V6 Coupe, Convertible, and Camaro besides other Jeep JK.

For the tubing construction, CNC mandrel bending is used to utilize in a consistent flow of gas. The outcome offers excellent performance when applied with proper engine based vehicles.

This Axle-back is lightweight and quite simple in the fitting. It does not require any drilling, unlike other conventional exhaust systems. The clamps directly fit to replace the factory-made axle-back

You are going to love the incredibly tasteful sound that the system issues. In fact, the reverberating sound is believed to be the main attraction of this product. The tone has an additional frizzling note that embeds more power to the exhaust.

This can be an excellent upgrade for the Jeep JK if you are looking for something dynamic and further flow performance. An exhaust system is identified as the finest when you get the perfect cost value, quality, and fuel efficiency all in one. MRT Performance 91A176 definitely covers all these advantageous points.

And when stainless steel tips with beveled edges are polished for a stylish bonus addition to your ride, you cannot ignore it anymore.

Besides, the manufacturer is one of the most trustworthy from the USA that provides hand-built products specifically for the customers. The more trust they gain, the better outcome you receive.


  • Aggressive, refined, perfect performance sound
  • CNC mandrel-bent tubing makes the gas flow more consistent
  • Fits precisely; easy bolt-on fitting
  • Better performance and fuel efficiency
  • High-quality T304 stainless steel is used to offer resistant to corrosion and leakage
  • Very convenient and lightweight


  • Included clamps may cause difficulty in tightening the muffler

2015-2019 F-150 Catback Side Exit Exhaust System ROUSH 421985

2015-2019 F-150 Catback Side Exit Exhaust System ROUSH 421985

Our final selection is due to receiving many praises from the former users. So it had to be on the list. Every component, including the muffler, inlet, and outlet pipes, y-pipe, is constructed with robust T-304 stainless steel. This allows each part to function for an extended period while resisting corrosion.

The installation can be completed right in your garage. You can have the fittings done by yourself with proper tools. All the required hardware is already included. So, no modification is necessary.

You will notice a substantial increase of torque power and HP that will give you the feeling of commanding the drive as you please. Not only will you have the overall control, but also gain stable assurance of safety.

And the sound has the distinctive resounding note of savagery that allows you to feel the revving volume through the stock system. This system possesses what every Jeep JK lovers seek.

Mandrel-bent tubing structure promotes higher airflow and lesser pressure on the back. The pipes are 3 inches in diameter that gives proper fit with the vehicle on the side.

Roush 421985 Cat-Back Exhaust System offers energetic engine combustion with no restrictions of gas flow. Therefore, the fume temperature will always have a composed expulsion.


  • Great fuel economy
  • Increased gas flow reaches the truck’s full potential
  • Each component is made to last for a long time
  • Chrome flashed T304 stainless steel construction delivers corrosion resilient exhaust
  • Tubing is mandrel-bent; has access to free airflow
  • Backpressure is surprisingly less, compared to other systems
  • Straight-through muffler design deletes factory resonator


  • The loud droning sound may not be ideal for daily driving
  • The band clamps fail to secure all areas resulting in continuous movement from under the truck

Things to Look for Before Buying

Some of the essential details will come into focus as you learn what to look for. Thus, you can choose a product that is essential to your needs.

Size and Shape

exhaust Size and Shape

The first thing you need to note down is the shape and size of your current exhaust pipe. This will come in handy in the future.

Each vehicle model might require various structural exhaust components. Why not be prepared than waste time and money? So, have that system measured, shape, and dimensions altogether. It will be worth it.

Material Quality

Instead of going out there to try figuring out what material best fits for your Jeep, simply go for the most durable one. A long-lasting exhaust has to be your primary concern. Remember, when choosing an aftermarket exhaust, it is better to acquire something that has a similar build of the stock exhaust.

Of course, if you come across a much more exceptional quality, it should be taken without any delay! Usually, contents made from stainless steel have the most longevity.
There are other high-grade materials found in the markets nowadays. Research, examine and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Design Structure

Who would not love a little aesthetic look even if it is just an exhaust system? Therefore, add a bit of personal style preference to what you wish to purchase.

You will find many high-quality exhausts in possession of a sleek and attractive design that you cannot ignore.


This may not be of much concerning a matter to some. However, it is better to check the noise quality. Various brands provide such a guarantee for several days. Notice for the tone of the sound, both outer and inner sides. Look out for the reviews of the product before buying it. It helps!

If you are one of those who are conscious about how the noise affects the surrounding, then we suggest an experiment before confirming your purchase. Do not worry if you rather prefer the sound. Sometimes exhaust noise could add up to the aesthetic idea.

Heat Resistance

This is one of the most crucial factors to keep in mind. The exhaust system has to take in extreme heat that is ejected from the engine. So it is necessary to check if it has the capability to withstand intense heating. A downpipe will deliver optimal performance only if it can endure high temperatures.


Do not forget to check out the quality of the coating. If you are not familiar with it, researching is the best way to prevent yourself from a declined exhaust.

Why is this feature considered necessary? Because the coating quality ensures proper endurance to fume heat. It also determines the longevity of the product. Look for something that can build up a tolerance and rough-handle on the long journey.


Under no circumstance, you should buy an exhaust without knowing the specifications of your Jeep. All systems require some installation tools. However, several brands do not include them along. As a result, those who do not own them might have to spend extra to obtain these.

We merely ask you to keep this in mind. Though, our suggestion is to get a system that would not require separate purchase of installing tools.

Get the Best

It might seem unnecessary to distress over such a subject at the moment. But the varieties of models to pick from could confuse even an experienced mechanic.

We simply recommend getting an exhaust system that will have a longer life span. It is better to spend now to receive high-quality products than use up more bucks in imminent repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Jeep JK exhaust systems:

Do aftermarket exhaust systems work better?

Yes. These exhausts often include better materials to construct with than factory-made restrictive exhausts. Many consumers may not notice it at first, but aftermarket exhausts are usually incorporated for improved airflow.

Does the exhaust system improve horsepower (HP)?

Yes, sort of. It entirely depends on the type of vehicle you use. Sometimes replacement will result in about 50 HP whereas, on others, it could be less than 3 HP. You can always calculate the expected horsepower for your Jeep before buying.

How does it work?

The exhaust system carries out the excess gas produced by the combustion of an engine. Without this feature, the occupants of the passenger area will be exposed to poisonous gas.

Next, the exhaust gas is moderately scrubbed or filtered out using a catalytic converter. This procedure ensures less damage to the environment. Finally, a muffler is used to cancel out or absorb the sound caused by the engine.

How do I remove blueing from the exhaust system?

You can polish the oxidized layer with a mildly coarse chemical that can remove the bluish tint.

How would I know if my exhaust has a leakage?

If you hear a popping sound or smell exhaust gas inside the passenger compartments, then it clearly indicates a leak. Listen for the weird rattling noises from below when the engine is running. This means immediate fixing or replacement required.
A visual inspection can be the best way to confirm your suspicion.

Final Words

Are you set for the decision? We bet you are! There is no doubt our Jeep JK exhaust system review will come in handy when in need.

You will feel so much lighter without having to worry and run through every detail for one single product.

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