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For Jeep owners, the TJ series seems to get the most love among its predecessors and even the latest models. Two improvements make this series among the favorite off-road vehicles in the market then and even today: the drop in the AMC engine parts and, small as it may seem, the bringing back of the round headlights that many jeep owners missed during the first revamp.

This is why many Jeep owners are looking for the lift kit for jeep wrangler tj because it is still being used today in so many settings. No doubt, owners, both original and buyers, enjoy driving these on the road and even on the terrain.

Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ Review in 2021

Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ

Whether you’re a professional thinking of going to the tracks every weekend or are just looking to upgrade the look and the feel of driving your Jeep Wrangler TJ, these kits will give you a fresh experience in your vehicle.

Daystar, Jeep TJ Wrangler 1.75″ Front or Rear Lift Kit

Daystar, Jeep TJ Wrangler

Get a fresh new perspective with this lift kit for jeep wrangler tj. These are as simple as they come, yet they prove to have a great effect on any TJ they are installed in.

Installation is straightforward and can be done in as little as two hours. After installing this kit, it should have a 1 ¾ inch rise, which can be generous for 31-inch tires and can comfortably accommodate up to 33-inch tires. Increasing the lift will allow you to have more freedom and access to more roads with more efficiency.

The ground clearance of your Jeep will be improved, which will also help in enhancing its performance both on and off the road.
Materials used in these are high-quality polyurethane, so you don’t have to worry too much about its durability and endurance. It will support your vehicle and keep it that way for a long time.

With these spacers, you can expect greater quality driving experience from your already awesome Jeep. Aside from getting to sharper off-roading angles, you will also be able to take it to almost anywhere with ease.

You can install these in your home garage with two stands and a jack. Work with the front end first and then the back. While you can work on the install on your own, it will be faster if you have a helping hand or two.To install, remove the spring and the factory isolator from your TJ and then replace it with this lift kit.


  • Easy to install
  • Great for anyone who wants to lift their Jeep on a budget
  • Works well
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • A bit oversized so will not sit too tightly

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Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit with Shocks

Rough Country 2.5 inch Lift Kit with Shocks

This is the most basic form of a lift. It has lift springs and longer shocks that will effectively increase the height of your TJ.
Having a higher lift with a set of 33-inch tires will give your car that more aggressive look, which will also allow you to go on the trails and have a great time.

The kit includes a set of 4 springs you need for the front and rear as well as four shocks that will be longer to provide you with the height you’re aiming for. Take note that the springs and the shocks will be much stiffer than the factory springs and shocks.

Anytime you want to increase the height of your vehicle, make sure to increase the height of the shock for increased stability and performance.

Since this kit only involves a few components, the installation will be relatively easy for any experienced driver or mechanic. The time for installing these will be about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the knowledge of the person.

Needless to say, you can put these on with just the basic tools you have in your home. When you’re changing the suspension geometry of your vehicle, it pays to check the articulation of the wheels to make sure it doesn’t damage your body.

You should also make sure that the shocks do not completely compress as that can damage them in the long run. And you will want to install additional bump stop extensions.


  • Priced fairly
  • Great quality components
  • No additional modifications needed to install
  • Improves the height and stability of the vehicle


  • Need a fair bit of experience for easy install

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Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4″ Lift Pallet Kit

Skyjacker (TJ401BPH) 4 inch Lift Pallet Kit

This 4″ kit allows you to get more ground clearance, accommodate up to 33-inch tires, and improve on and off-road agility and handling. Of course, it will make your Jeep stand out from the rest.

It includes front and rear lower links, rear track bar bracket, drop pitman arm, transfer case lowering kit, front and rear extended end links.
They managed to keep the price of this sought-after kit to a fair level. If you’re on a budget but want premium components for your suspension, get these to get the lift you want.

Aside from being sought after, the manufacturers assure that the components are complete when shipped because they box everything together from the factory. How frustrating it would be to receive a package that’s missing just a single part?

These 7000 series hydro shocks are among the best in the market today. The twin D.O.M. tubes are constructed for durability, and they chromed the piston for longer service.

Even with the coil springs replaced, you don’t need to worry about the feel because these retain the factory feel of the original ones. This is because the springs are direct factory replacements.

You can keep your 31-inch tires when installing these shocks, but, as mentioned before, you can install up to 33-inch tires easily afterward.
Since this is not a simple lift, you will need the help of a professional to install these.


  • Well-known brand and kit
  • High-performance components and design
  • 7000 series hydro shocks are best in class today
  • All the parts are shipped in the box


  • Needs an experienced mechanic to install

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Rough Country 4″ Lift Kit

Rough Country 4 inch  Lift Kit 1997 to 2002

If you have a Wrangler model from 1997 to 2002 and are looking for a 4” lift, this is a great starter kit for you, with complete components and an affordable price.

This kit will allow you to run a set of 33-inch wheels on your TJ. You can drive down the road and even off-road with this kit. Also, you can slowly add, modify, and upgrade some components if you find that there are things you want to be changed.

The springs will provide the 4-inch of lift you want. They are made from great quality metal that will meet the demands of any road condition.

Shocks that come along with these are, of course, longer than stock ones. They are the N3 shocks from the same Rough Country, which are nitrogen-charged shocks. Compared to hydraulic shocks, these run a little stiffer. But nevertheless, they perform well and are worth installing.

In the kit, four lower control arms are also included. If you replace the shocks with springs that are taller than the stock coil springs, it tends to force the wheels outward. Herein, the lower control arms help keep the wheels on the right angle for better stability and performance.
Including is a transfer case drop, which helps avoid vibration by maintaining a proper driveshaft angle. Installing these with professional help will require about 6 hours.


  • Comes with a lot of parts
  • Priced competitively
  • Helps give the Jeep Wrangler TJ better ground clearance
  • Can accommodate from 31-inch to 33-inch tires


  • Nitrogen shocks run stiffer than hydraulic counterparts

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Daystar, Jeep TJ Wrangler 1″ Polyurethane Body Mount Kit

Daystar, Jeep TJ Wrangler 1 inch Polyurethane Body Mount Kit

If you need just a little lift off the ground, this is the lift kit for a jeep wrangler tj. It includes lift, sleeves, bolts, hardware, and radiator core supports.

The materials of these components are resistant to road grime and fluids from your vehicle, which allows them to last a long time. They are also made from tough polyurethane, which makes them doubly durable.

Aside from lifting your vehicle, these also add support to improve the handling and eliminate body sag by maintaining proper frame and body alignment when installed.

Bushings are precision engineered for accurate installation and for better comfort of the riders. They designed them to provide precise driving experience with a great attachment to the frame.

Unlike OEM parts, this direct factory replacement part will not crack, dry rot, or compress. So, if you have worn-out mounts, these will also be a great replacement for them.

You don’t need to worry because these are of the exact same measurement, so all you need to do is to install them onto your TJ.
Installation can be done in your home garage using a jack. Make sure to do any necessary actions ahead as you will need to lift the body from the frame.


  • Easy and straightforward installation
  • Direct factory replacement
  • High-quality and durable polyurethane materials
  • Cheap price and a good replacement for worn-out mounts


  • Only provides about 1” lift

Rough Country 2″ Lift Kit

Rough Country 2 inch  Lift Kit

Unlike the previous lift kits, this comes with shocks, and you can use your factory spring coils to maintain the familiar feel but with more ground clearance.

This is a cost-efficient way of lifting your TJ, so if you’re on a budget, this one is worth considering. With this kit, you can accommodate up to 31-inch tires.

It has a spring retention feature that will keep the articulation and handling of your vehicle always in your control.You will not need any modifications on your TJ when installing this kit, and it can be done with just the basic hand tools.

The kit includes coil spring spacers. As a result, they cut down the cost because you don’t need to buy new springs. They are made from heavy-duty steel plating and are powder coated to provide extra corrosion protection.

Shocks are N3, meaning they are nitrogen-charged, which gives plenty of stability off-road. They have a hardened and chrome-plated piston rod, which is plenty strong to withstand anything the rough terrain throws at it.High-quality rubber bushings are provided to reduce the steel-on-steel contact when installed.

Ideally, this kit will fit 1997 to 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ. If you just want a small ground clearance and want to maintain most of the parts of your Jeep, then this is a great value for money for you.


  • Basic kit with all the necessities for 2″ lift
  • You can still use the factory spring coils
  • Easy to install
  • Great pricing


  • The lift will allow you to install up to 31-inch tires

Daystar Jeep TJ Wrangler 3″ Lift Kit

Daystar Jeep TJ Wrangler 3 inch Lift Kit

Most people who own a TJ may have gone through a phase where they wanted to put accessories on it. It just comes naturally. But along with the bling comes the sagging issue. But with lift kits like these, you will not have a worry about that issue anymore.

With a 3-inch lift, you can expect a better stature for your Jeep. You can even improve it because this allows you to install up to 33-inch wheels on your vehicle.

Aside from the higher ground clearance, you also get more precision and dexterity off-road. These will also keep the heavy load from accessories from affecting the vehicle.

The kit comes with four Daystar Scorpion shock absorbers. What this does is it absorbs most impacts from daily travel and the trail. It also helps you save cost because you can use the factory coil springs when installing these.

In addition to saving some money, you also retain the factory feel of using the vehicle because you’re retaining the springs. This is important, especially if you’re familiar with it on the trail. You can adapt to the handling almost immediately.

Since you are raising the vehicle, included in the kit are bump stops that will keep the shocks and springs safe. Aside from performance, they will also make your stock springs look great.

These are easy and simple to install and will make a great weekend project for your TJ. If you don’t have much experience, asking for assistance from someone who knows around when you work on raising your Jeep will help.


  • Easy to install
  • Allows up to 33-inch tires
  • Lets you use the factory spring coils
  • Comes at a great price point


  • ● Shocks feel stiff on street

Supreme Suspensions 2” Full Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions 2 inch Full Lift Kit

This last kit in our review is perfect for 4WD TJs from 1997 to 2002. The contents of this kit include high-density spring spacers made from Delrin, a material known for its durability and strength, and the Supreme Suspensions Pro Pack.

You won’t need to modify your Jeep to install these. You can also use the factory springs on your vehicle when you lift it using these. You don’t just retain the factory feel of the springs, you can also save a little money with this kit.

Simply remove the nuts and bolts and use these in place of the old shocks. Install the spacers in the spring and make sure everything is well in place.

If you have an older TJ, grab some penetrating oil around so that while you’re removing some components, you can give them a spray or two and remove some rust buildup while you’re at it.

You may need an alignment after installing these, so with that in mind, it would be best if you can have your mechanic do the installation for you.

But that is not to say that you cannot install these yourself. The instructions that come with the package are simple and clear, which will make it easy for you to put everything where it’s supposed to be.

These will provide good ground clearance for your TJ as well and give you more accuracy and movement on the trail. All these while maintaining the factory feel you have come to know and be familiar with.


  • Relatively affordable for those buying within a budget
  • Uses existing coil springs retaining a factory feel
  • Made from good quality materials
  • Fits 1997 – 2002 TJ


  • May need wheel alignment after installing

Things to Consider Before Buying life kit

Things to Consider Before Buying life kit

What is the high-quality lift kit for a jeep wrangler tj? It’s basically the one that you’re most comfortable with. With the many options available in the market, it is important that you know what you want in your lift kit.

More so, picking the right height and brand will allow you to enjoy the trails as well as keep yourself safe while driving. Here are a few things to keep in mind before going out and purchasing a lift kit.


This is probably the most important question you should ask. And the simplest answer to this is that you get what you pay for.
Prices will vary from something that seems like a steal to something that seems overpriced. Most of the time, more expensive ones have more complete components and will withstand a lot of use and abuse over time.

What’s the Use of the Lift?

Generally, there are two choices here: cosmetics and functionality.

If you are mostly concerned about looks, then you don’t really need to be concerned with a lot of things like off-road compatibility and performance. There’s nothing wrong with getting a lift for show.

On the other hand, if you’re going for performance and functionality, you should be careful with what you install because you will have to meet certain safety standards for your vehicle to function well in those situations.

Tire Size

The most common sizes you will see on lifted TJs are 33” and 35”. You should be careful to plan out what size you want to install on your Jeep ahead.

Even without a lift, a stock Wrangler can have a 33″ tire. But it will barely fit, and not even run. An ideal lift will be about 2.5″, 3″ or 3.5″. So, if you want bigger tires, you will need bigger lifts.

Overall Condition of the Vehicle

Let’s face it, TJs are getting a little dated. While some aged nicely, some, because of various reasons, have not.Look for the regular signs of wear and tear like rust and corrosion and see if it can still handle an upgrade like a lift. And if you’re going to beat it on the trail, see if it can still go through the challenges of the off-road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a body lift and a suspension lift?

From the word itself, a body lift is using polyurethane or rubber spacers to raise the body of the Jeep to fit larger tires.

A suspension lift is replacing the stock shock and spring coils with the same purpose.

Which is better between body lift and suspension lift?

A suspension lift is the better option. A body lift is more of a complimentary accessory to a suspension lift. Take note that the ideal body lift should be no more than 1”.

I am on a budget, what’s the best lift kit for me?

There are kits in the market that will not replace a major component in your vehicle. This, in turn, will cut the overall cost of the kit.

Most of the time, these will include a spacer so that you can fully raise your vehicle without much cost.

Can I install a lift kit myself?

Most 2.5″ to 3.5″ lift kits are simple, and the installation can be done as a weekend project. But for higher lifts that need better tools and experience, you might as well go to your mechanic, especially if you have no experience in upgrading your shocks.

What are the common problems that come with the age of TJs?

Models from 1997 to 2002 suffer from cracked exhaust manifolds, while some with plastic radiators suffer from the leak. Some TJs with weak aluminum cargo hinges are known to break over time.

What are the general guidelines for lift and tires?

Generally, a 4-inch or taller kit will comfortably fit 37s, a 2.5 inch will fit 35s, and a 1.5-inch lift will fit 33s.

Final Words

If you have been thinking of raising your Jeep Wrangler TJ for some time, it is probably the right idea to do so. For all the years it has served you, it is only right to reward it with a great upgrade.

Lifting a TJ can be a thrilling and satisfying project. With the lift kit for jeep wrangler tj, you can be sure that you will have nothing more than awesome driving experience on the street and happy trail adventures.

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