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A set of the best mud tires for snow is the only option for the off-road enthusiast who often has to deal with slippery or sloppy terrain. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right set for your truck or SUV. Mud terrain tires are made to provide exceptional traction in conditions where other off-road tires can slip, slide, and struggle. Many are also designed for rock climbing and deep snow.

A set of the most durable mud terrain tires will last for many years thanks to their unique construction, tread patterns, and compounds, as well as targeted reinforcements that ensure long-term durability.

We’ll be highlighting some of the top mud terrain tires available in the market that can handle the most difficult conditions your 4×4 may encounter.

Best mud tires for snow

Best Mud Tires for Snow

Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 Radial Tire

Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 tires feature a Tri-Ply construction, which provides excellent puncture protection. This structure provides superior sidewall resistance and can withstand even the most challenging terrain.

They are made of Tri-Ply and have a spiral-wound nylon wrapping and two steel belts. This allows them to carry heavier loads and adds an extra layer of protection.

Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 also enhances the performance of light trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s. The two-step tread blocks, additional silica, and improved stability provide greater braking and stability.

Open tread design gives an excellent driving performance, especially in mud and dry conditions. It is also more capable of self-cleaning in mud or deep snow.

Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 comes in sizes 15-20 inches. It also comes with a respectable 40,000-mile guarantee. This is great for off-road tires.

The MT2 may not be the best mud terrain tires for daily drivers due to its aggressive design. Pro Comp also addressed noise issues, particularly on dry roads.


  • Protection against punctures is greater
  • Improved load-carrying capabilities
  • Stability and braking improvements
  • Can be used in both dry and wet situations


  • This is not the right vehicle for daily driving.
  • Noisy, especially when it is dry.

Nitto Ridge Grappler

The Trail Grappler M/T is capable of tackling the most difficult trails and makes less noise than other tires. The Trail Grappler M/T is 34% and 36% quieter than other tires on the streets, according to the company.

Nitto’s sound analysts used the most sophisticated equipment and sound analysis techniques to reduce road noise. This tire’s quietness is immediately noticeable when you drive at higher speeds.

The Nitto Trail Grappler M/T combines off-road performance and on-road comfort. Trail Grappler, 3-ply construction that allows drivers to drive vehicles on any terrain and still maintain a calm ride on the highway, is also available.

Trail Grappler’s all-terrain tread compound provides cushioning for rough surfaces and increases puncture resistance. The tread block arrangement adds stability and more bite edges to the Trail Grappler.

This product has a downside: it is not suitable for daily driving, but its performance on slippery and wet roads is average.


  • Less noise for a quiet ride
  • Outstanding on- and offroad performance
  • A better tread block arrangement


  • Performance in wet conditions is poor

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Its legendary durability is due to its Toyo Open Country Mobile T features.

The aggressive tread blocks with hook patterns, as well as the open shoulder blocks, which get rid of water and mud, improve off-road durability and grip, to give traction that is amongst the best in its class.

Toyo tires offer all-around good performance in all weather conditions and on many roads. The tires’ deep siping in the tread blocks and over-the-shoulder tread are suitable for light snow and winter conditions.

This product’s durability and longevity are enhanced by its high turn-up and 3-ply polyester casing. Many drivers claimed that they were able to drive more than 50 thousand miles.

Open Country tires are capable of working on nearly all roads, but they are not the most rock-crawling tires. This product can handle almost any type of terrain.


  • Durability increases
  • Greater traction
  • Excellent performance in light-snow conditions


  • Rock crawling is not my forte

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain

BFGoodrich MudTerrain T/A KM3 truck mud terrain tires are known for their strong performance.

Its reinforced structure prevents bruises and punctures. A sophisticated rubber compounding, as well as a built-in rim protector, provide greater confidence and protection.

The terrain-attack tread design allows you to power through mud or loose soil. Mud-Phobic bars release compacted dirt for long traction and large tread blocks provide exceptional grip from all angles.

The BFGoodrich Mudterrain T/A KM3 can tackle any type of rock or slick surface, along with the KrawlTEK compound.

You can expect excellent off-road traction on all terrain. This mud terrain tire is very versatile and can handle wet and snow well.

Advanced technology protects the tire against sharp objects. The sidewall shield shields and unique compound provide protection, while the sidewall sculpture prevents it from splitting. The tire’s tread life is longer than you might think.

The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 remains a strong performer. However, some drivers complain that it is hard to balance the tires due to the average steering response and braking. To ensure uniform wear, they need to rotate the tires more often.


  • Strong off-road performance
  • Excellent grip and long-lasting traction
  • Longer tread life


  • Average steering response and braking

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro was designed for heavy-duty, all-terrain use. This product is designed with cutting-edge engineering to provide exceptional off-road performance and still be suitable for use on the roads.

The alternate tread block design distributes stretch between treads and sidewalls even at extreme angles. Meanwhile, the scoops and dimples add additional traction.

This tire is not designed for off-road use, unlike the BFGoodrich KM2 mentioned above. Cooper created the tire to offer outstanding off-road traction on all surfaces. This means the tire is capable of working on gravel, sand, and rocks.

The tire tread lugs have unique scallops that dig through snow and muck. The anti-stone retaining rings and puncture-resistant housing further enhance durability and comfort.

Keep in mind that the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tire is heavy so noise reduction needs to be improved.


  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • Amazing off-road traction
  • Comfort and durability are increased


  • Inefficient noise reduction level

Mickey Thompson Baja

The Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC is a great off-road vehicle with well-managed highway capabilities. It can navigate mud and uneven terrain.

PowerPly sidewalls are included in the product. They have a third-angled ply, which helps prevent punctures and improve handling and pulling power. These sidewalls are available in all sizes for greater durability and puncture resistance.

The tread compound is silica-reinforced and offers outstanding chip resistance. The radial design provides a smoother ride on the highway and a better grip on all terrain.

The Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC features the following: a self-cleaning design; changeable draft angles; stone ejectors for keeping stones out of the tread; and sipes for improving its off-road performance.

This tire’s only problem is its slightly heavier weight than the other tires.


  • Amazing off-road capability
  • Chip and puncture resistance is improved
  • Self-cleaning design


  • Moderately heavy

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R

The Goodyear Wrangler is made to provide excellent off-road traction for pickup trucks and sport utility vehicle drivers. It features Dupont Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls that are stronger than steel.

This tire’s durability is largely due to its Kevlar-reinforced sidewall. This will increase traction to an entirely new level. This feature provides up to 35% more cut and puncture protection than other models.

Goodyear has “enhanced mud-flow geometry” in its tread design to improve the tire’s self-cleaning abilities. Thanks to its stepped-in shoulder blocks, the Goodyear Wrangler MTR/R with Kevlar can take on mud-terrain challenges.

The Wrangler’s multi-faceted tread design and aggressive features allow it to be used on almost any surface including sand, pebbles, and dirt.

The Goodyear Wrangler was designed for off-road, but it still has excellent on-road characteristics.

Goodyear, however, doesn’t offer a treadwear warranty. This is a bummer.


  • Premium off-road traction
  • Self-cleaning skills
  • Multi-faceted tread design


  • No warranty for treadwear

Firestone Destination M/T2

Firestone Destination M/T2 MT tires are among the most durable. It is capable of handling a wide range of conditions and still provides a comfortable driving experience.

Firestone created the tread block pattern of the tire to ensure a great grip on all surfaces.

The tread compound is designed to create a deep and aggressive tread pattern. It is also chip- and tear-resistant. It also features a strong sidewall construction, mud ejectors, and a 23-degree attack angle.

The Firestone Destination snow tires were designed to be both versatile and durable on-road. For better stability on snowy roads and wet pavement, engineers increased the number of oblique edges by 20%.

The tire’s 3-ply sidewall provides durability and strength. Twin high-tensile steel belts add strength and durability with nylon reinforcement.

Overall, the product received positive reviews. It isn’t compatible with the other products, however. They wear out quickly.


  • Stable driving experience
  • All surfaces are well gripped
  • It is tear and chip-resistant


  • Easy to wear

Kumho Road Venture

Kumho Road Venture MT71 snow tires, the third generation of mud and snow tires from the brand, feature numerous improvements.

The Road Venture MT71 has one of the best mud performance ratings in its class. In certain situations, you may find the tire comparable to premium competitors.

This tire has deep lugs that, when combined with its tread pattern, offer excellent mud performance. It will withstand even deeper mud patches, so it is worthy of being on this list. The Road Venture MT71 is equally capable in other off-roading situations. It is perfectly capable of driving in all conditions, including those involving dirt roads, sand, and rocks.

Although the tire’s performance on the road isn’t exceptional, it’s to be expected from a tire made for the terrain. Although the tire’s grip and traction are good on dry roads, they are not great enough to push too hard. The Road Venture MT71’s performance drops when it rains. It’s a good performance, but nothing to be proud of.

The tire is excellent in winter conditions as long as it’s not packed with snow. The same features that make it so good on mud will also work well on snow. The Road Venture MT71’s lack of biting force means that the tire’s performance will be significantly affected if it is covered in snow. This causes a lower performance.

This tire is a great choice for its comfort and noise levels. It is quite impressive that the noise level is reasonable for an off-road tire. This category doesn’t have the same touring-like qualities as most off-road tires, but it is a little better than others.


  • Performance in mud that is comparable to premium products
  • Excellent comfort and noise levels
  • Notable improvements over previous versions
  • Amazing off-road performance


  • Performance on the road is average, particularly in wet and hard-packed snow


Hankook is another brand known for providing excellent value-for-money tires. DynaproMT2 is no exception. It offers affordable prices and decent performance. Hankook is promising some improvements as the second version in the MT lineup.

The Dynapro MT2 is capable of handling most situations, even in mud. To provide good traction, the tread pattern is combined with shoulder blocks. The tire may struggle to grip in deeper mud patches.

The Dynapro MT2’s off-road performance is good, provided you don’t do anything extreme. Although there are better-performing tires on the list, this doesn’t mean that this tire is bad.

The road performance is quite impressive. The Dynapro MT2 tires can provide grip and traction for everyday driving, but not as well as touring tires. The tire’s wet performance is surprising, with the tire showing more traction when the roads are wet. The tire is very stable at higher speeds, even in heavy rain.

Don’t expect too much when it comes to snow. Thanks to its tread design, the Dynapro MT2 can handle snow well. It has a surprising feature: it can perform well over packed snow, which is an area that other more expensive tires have struggled with.

The Dynapro MT2 is not the most comfortable tire. Although it’s not the most comfortable tire on the market, it is harsher than the others. The noise levels are acceptable. The noise levels are acceptable for an off-road tire.


  • Both dry and wet traction are good
  • Amazing resistance to aquaplaning
  • It is surprisingly quiet
  • Most off-roading situations can be addressed


  • It is not the most smooth ride quality

What to Look for Before Buying Snow Tire


How do I read the mud terrain tire sizes?

Off-road tires can be confusing for some people because they have different sizes. An example of an off-road tire may be 33.1X10/16. These measurements are given in inches. The first number represents the tire’s total diameter, the second the width, and the third the rim’s diameter. This would convert to metric measurements as 255/85R16.

Are mud tires safe for driving on roads?

Yes. Off-road and mud tires are safe for the roads as long as they don’t have too high expectations. Although they provide safe driving, their road performance is not as good as touring tires.

How do you choose the best mud terrain tires?

It all depends on your individual preferences and needs. Every off-road tire is unique in its features. This means that each tire will have a different mud performance. These reviews and other opinions are great sources for finding out which models perform well in these conditions. You might also consider other models that are better suited for mud conditions.

Next, consider the price. Premium tires perform better, but they are also more costly. You will have to sacrifice some performance to pay a lower price.

Another important aspect to consider is the size. Manufacturers offer different sizes for different models. To confirm the size you require, check with the manufacturer’s website or retailer.

Are there quiet mud tires available?

Best mud tires aren’t quiet. Some even call them loud. The tires are louder than touring tires because of their tread design and deeper grooves.

What is the Most Aggressive Mud Tire?

The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 is the most aggressive mud tire on this list. These tires offer reliable off-road traction on all terrains, including dirt, rocks, and mud.

Are Best Mud Tires Good For Off-road?

Mud tires work best in mud and sand. The off-center tread blocks are large and have wide gaps between them. This allows you to easily dig into almost any off-road terrain while keeping debris, gravel, and mud out of the crevices between knobs.

Are Mud Tires Safe in the Snow?

Good mud tires are less adept in snow than all-terrain tires. Snow can eventually fill in the channels between the tread blocks, which will reduce the off-road performance of mud tire.

Winter tires are made to increase traction in deep snow and below-freezing temperatures. While mud and snow tires are fine for light snow, decent winter tires will be more useful if you travel frequently in snowy conditions.

How long do mud tires last on the highway?

The treadwear of mud-terrain tires can vary greatly depending on many factors. Driving style, road conditions, vehicle setup, and other factors all play a role in how the treadwear on mud-terrain tires varies.

If your car isn’t modified, you can expect to get approximately 40,000 miles from a combination of street and offroad travel.


Each person will have their preferences on the best mud tires for snow. Many factors influence the selection of mud tire, including tread life, sidewall construction, and traction.

These requirements can vary from one person to another. It’s up to each individual to decide on the best mud tires.

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