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For the adventure junkies out there, are you on the lookout for a new set of tires? Something that’ll not only get you through muddy terrains but will also come handy when you’re going out for groceries?Well, you’ve come to the right place.

With tires being as expensive as they are, it wouldn’t be feasible having to buy a set according to season or terrain, which is why we’ve thought of a solution.

We’ve paired up a collection of tires that not only works great on all terrains, but they’re also the mud tires for snow. Thus, we have you covered for any weather or terrain.

10 Best Mud Tires for Snow Review

Best Mud Tires for Snow

With the tire market broader and more diverse than ever, making the right choice becomes a cumbersome practice. To help you with such a decision, we’ve handpicked the best to help you choose better.

Crosswind M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tires

Crosswind M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tires

If you’re driving an SUV or a light truck and planning on utilizing the vehicle to its fullest extents, then the tires that you’re putting on them should represent that intent. We recommend you go for a good set of Mud-Terrain tires, for which the Crosswind tires give a tough fight.

The tires feature deep grooves; these allow the tires to better grip onto muddy, snowy, or dirt-filled terrain, giving better control over your vehicle.

However, to avoid the dirt or snow from building up, the open treads, allow them to easily flow out of the grooves, all in all, improving traction and reducing the risk of skidding.

Designed using high-quality material makes these treads both cut and chip resistant; this proves somewhat useful in off-roading situations considering the number of rocks and debris the tires have to face.

Moreover, this also helps improve the wear life of the treads, thus, making them worth the investment.

Coming with a rugged design doesn’t only make the tires look great; it also helps the wheel to break into terrain, giving you better gripping.

The shoulder tread patterns further aid this situation; they make the tires better suited towards off-road situations.

Being both durable and reliable, this set of tires forms the best pair for those looking for a long-term replacement.

Paired with the affordable pricing, you’re getting a set of tires that becomes relatively hard to compete with. Moreover, it provides the best value money can buy.


  • Deep Grooves for greater control and grip
  • Cut and chip resistant material
  • Durable and reliable product
  • Rugged design for better looks
  • Value for money


  • Tires are likely to create noise on-road
  • Prone to quicker wear

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Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Made using some of the most robust materials, the Milestar Patagonia M/T Tires is a top of the line product, crafted for durability and resistance; thus, the tires are able to survive the harshest of conditions. The tires are a go-to choice for those of you who love off-roading and getting into muddy situations.

The 3-ply sidewalls on these tires provide excellent support to the user during rough use; if you’re looking for a rocky off-road climb, the tires will quite effectively pull it off, regardless of however pointy the rocks maybe.

A solid sidewall will further increase the tire’s durability. It will prove to be a reliable choice for your off-roading needs.

While the tires are great for mud, they’re able to handle every other situation exceptionally well too. The high-void tread design allows for better gripping of the surface, as it lets mud, snow, or sand slide right off.

Thus, it also promotes self-cleaning, so you don’t have to hose the car down every time you drive in the mud.

Moreover, the staggered, off-center tread blocks engraved onto the tire provide exceptional traction; this makes the tires perfect for muddy or snowy situations, thus improving the performance of the wheels on slippery roads.

If you’re looking to further enhance the performance of the tire to get the mud tires in snow, you could consider purchasing a set of snow tire chains.

Weighing at only 38lbs, these lightweight tires are the perfect fit for a smaller sized Jeep. The tires are also priced at a much lower rate than most other M/T tires in the market, thus giving you a bang for the buck situation.


  • Affordable prices
  • 3-ply sidewall
  • High-void tread design
  • Self-cleaning tread design
  • High traction off-center tread blocks


  • Requires snow chains for best snow protection
  • Becomes noisy once the tread starts to wear off

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Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Tires coming from a well-known brand can help give you confidence about your purchase. With Federal pairing with companies like Bridgestone and Sumitomo, this confidence is only strengthened.

The company further keeps this confidence alive by producing reliable and durable tires such as the Couragia M/T.

Their Mud-terrain tires come with an aggressive shoulder lug. This feature provides a stamp of reliability as the tires are prepared to support your vehicle however rocky, muddy or snowy the terrain may be. Also, being bruise, impact, and cut resistance make them a perfect addition to your off-roading companion.

Moreover, the treads on the tires are designed in a manner like no other, the edges of the uniquely designed blocks allow for better movement of dirt, mud, sand, and snow through the treads.

As mud and snow pass out of the treads smoothly, it increases the traction and offers better gripping of the road surface.

Furthermore, the tires also feature a design known as the SRG or Sloped Radius Gradient; this is a tread block design that makes the blocks stiffer.

Thus, you’ll be getting tires that can handle themselves well in any off-road situation, providing exceptional traction and performance.

Lastly, these tires are formulated using an advanced tread compound; this keeps the tread of the tire free from any form of cut, abrasion, and ensures lower wearing off of the tread.

The price that all this comes in is also fairly reasonable, thus making them a set of tires that we’ll strongly recommend.


  • Large shoulder lugs for better protection
  • Deep treads providing better dirt clearance
  • SRG block design
  • Affordable pricing
  • Advanced tread compound


  • Fairly heavier tires
  • Snow chains are required for better performance on ice

Road One RL1294 Cavalry M/T Mud- Terrain Tire

Road One RL1294 Cavalry M/T Mud- Terrain Tire

If you’re looking for an affordable upgrade for your worn-out pair of tires, then the Road One should be put into consideration.

The tires are an excellent partner for those looking for a safe outdoor drive, and with the large treads, the tires should support all forms of off-roading activities.

With a tread block that includes an open tread groove system, the tires allow for a self-clean feature; this feature enables mud or snow to be removed from the grooves of the tire.

By doing so, it helps improve traction on rainy or snowy situations, while also keeping the tires clear from skidding.

For durability purposes, the tires include sidewalls made of 3ply rubber material; this helps harden the rubber surface, keeping it protected from significant cuts and impacts, something that is fairly common in off-roading situations. Having a 3-ply sidewall also aids in rocky roads, by keeping the tires from causing an accident.

The added aggressiveness of the tread design supports the tire by improving the tire’s grip, as the treads break into the muddy or snowy terrain well.

Moreover, this aggressive tread design will give your vehicle an aesthetic look – making those Instagram pictures really come alive.

While the tires do support handling of the vehicle during snowy situations, they’re not designed for icy roads. As a solution, we recommend you opt for tire chains. The addition of chains substantially increases grip and control during snowy weather.


  • Affordable set of tires
  • Great for off-roading
  • Open grooves for self-cleaning
  • Great traction and control
  • Aggressive design flaunting good looks


  • Requires snow chains for best snow performance
  • Known to be fairly noisy

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud-Terrain Tire

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud-Terrain Tire

If you’re looking for tires that’ll last you for the long haul, then the Mastercraft Coursers are perfect in this field. With treads designed to function in both rough and slippery conditions, these tires will go the distance and will provide you a long tread life.

With a rugged design and a 10-ply wall, the tires will allow you to carry major loads. These tires have been tested to take over 3195lbs of weight per tire, so they’ll be able to support the heaviest of Jeeps or vans without any hassle. This also means that you can load up the car with quite a lot of camping gear.

Mastercraft has also made sure to optimize the void-to-rubber-ratio, meaning the perfect amount of rubber is touching the surface of the road.

Having an optimized ratio means the tires are getting a greater surface area to grip onto. This helps improve traction and gives the driver more confidence as the tires stick firmly to the road.

Furthermore, the tires come with an aggressive side biter. The side biter is designed to absorb force, meaning there’s no reason to worry about sharp rocks. Also, it improves traction during horrid conditions, keeping you safe at all times.

The high traction treads, with strong gripping, make the tires perfect for snowy climates, while also providing support in icy situations.

However, for the best experience, we would recommend a set of snow chains to go with it. Overall, the tires are a great fit, and an affordable purchase, making them worth considering.


  • High capacity tires
  • Optimized void-to-rubber ratio
  • Aggressive side biters
  • High traction and grip treads
  • Affordable price


  • You’ll need to spend extra for the best snow experience
  • Make quite some noise

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZP3 Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZP3 Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

A fairly big name in the tire industry, Mickey Thompson has come to light for their off-road tires. And its BAJA series is a well-established choice for adventure junkies. So, for those who love muddy and rocky climbs, these tires are the perfect fit for your vehicle!

The tires are designed to ensure durability, with a unique silica-reinforced treading that allows the treads to become less susceptible to weather conditions.

This gives them far longer wear. Moreover, with this compound, the treads are resistant to cuts and chips; thus, you won’t have to experience flat tires any time soon.

Focusing on the treads, these are designed with variable draft angles. Such angles allow the treads to easily shoot out any stones that get lodged in, with the added improvement of traction. The mud pocket scoops engraved into the treads, give you better control in the mud or in snow.

Furthermore, the tires boast a fairly aggressive look, helping your Jeep stand out in the crowd. The aggressive look also improves traction, as the pattern is designed to break up the terrain – giving the wheel more surface to grip onto.

With 3-ply sidewalls, the sides of the tire are covered and should be able to handle themselves in rocky situations.

All and all, the tires make the perfect pair for harsh climates and terrains. However, they’re priced at twice the price of normal tires; this may demotivate people from making the purchase.


  • High traction and grip
  • Stone ejection system
  • Solid 3-ply sidewalls
  • Aggressive look
  • Silica-reinforced tread for longer wear


  • Fairly expensive
  • Larger treads account for greater tire noise

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire LT265

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire LT265

Like the previous Patagonia design, the LT265 features quite similar attributes. The tires boast durability, reliability, and, most importantly, control.

These tires are known for their off-roading capabilities and multi weather usage. So, whether it is raining or snowing, the tires will have you covered.

A high-void tread design translates into the treads having an optimized void-to-rubber-ratio. This allows the tires to get the perfect amount of grip required for optimal function.

These treads also have aggressive biting edges that further improve traction by breaking into the surface you’re traveling on and keeping the treads clean.

Durability is something that’s seriously followed by Milestar, which is why their sidewalls are fitted with 3-ply rubber covering.

This strengthens the wheel and makes them resistant from bumps and impacts, meaning even if you run into a rocky patch on your trails, you’ll be able to come back without a scratch on your tires.

Moreover, for the rock crawling enthusiasts among us, the tire further features a stone ejector system – making sure none of the smaller rocks get stuck in the threads of the tire. Therefore, not only are your tires safe from stone drilling, but it also increases the service life of your wheels.

To improve performance, the tires are further adjusted with off-center tread blocks. These blocks are designed to help increase traction on the road, giving you better control over the vehicle on the streets. Paired with the price tag, these tires really prove to be a bang for the buck kind of deal.


  • High void design
  • 3-ply sidewalls
  • High traction and grip
  • Off-center treads for on-road performance
  • Stone ejection system


  • May get a bit noisy
  • Soft rubber may be prone to wearing off quicker

Accelera M/T-01 Mud Radial Tire

Accelera M/T-01 Mud Radial Tire

Accelera is a huge name in the tire manufacturing industry, known greatly for its ultra-high-performance lineup. This company keeps its name by shipping out quality products that go above and beyond what you’ll be paying them.

As perceived, the M/T-01 tires follow through this legacy, providing the same smooth driving experience.

The tires are made specifically to support your off-roading needs. It features a fairly unique tread pattern with large center stripes. Its treads substantially improve off-road traction. As a result, you are in control of your vehicle, being firmly supported to the ground.

Moreover, the tire includes a scalloped hump tread. It’s a fairly handy addition to the tire, and it helps increase tracking on off-road surfaces. There are also slots that separate each tread, and it’s designed to act as a drain.

They keep out mud and snow from forming a layer inside the treads, thus providing reliable traction at all times.

While the tires are designed with an aggressive look and large tread blocks, they still provide the smoothest of rides while also keeping the noise to a minimum.

Regardless of whether you’re traveling on-road or off-road, the tires will give you a similar driving experience.

Furthermore, the deeper grooves in the tread allow the tires to keep a stronger grip on the surface; this makes them perfect for both muddy and snowy situations. With the price being as affordable as it is, the tires make for a perfect fit for your off-roading needs.


  • Unique tread pattern providing higher traction
  • Low noise and smooth drive
  • Affordable pricing
  • Deep tread grooves for greater grip
  • Drainage for mud and snow


  • Might wear off quicker than other tires
  • A bit unbalanced

Kanati Mud Hog M/T Mud-Terrain Tires

Kanati Mud Hog M/T Mud-Terrain Tires

A name that’s quite commonly heard from those adventure junkies, who like to take their vehicles on roads that others wouldn’t dare on going through. For such individuals, the company has made sure to design the wheels accordingly, to deliver more than performance.

The Mud Hog tires are designed as the perfect on-road and off-road companions. Not only that, but they’re also an all-season tire. So, you should be good to go irrespective of heavy rain or snow.

Highly aggressive tread design allows the tires to look great, and also provide improved performance with greater traction, handling, and braking power.

Having a high void ratio means the perfect amount of space is kept apart between treads, thus providing an optimized opening, that lets debris and rocks easily flow out of the treads.

Moreover, the large gap between the tires lets mud and water flow out easily, leaving the treads unclogged and keeping traction high.

To survive both on-road and off-road, durability becomes key, which is why the company has designed the sidewalls to be made of a 3-ply material.

This ruggedness makes the tire resistant to some of the most brutal impacts, keeping the tires immune from cuts, bumps, and chips caused by rocks and debris.

Furthermore, the tires seem to offer a low noise operation, so driving them on the roads shouldn’t create much noise – keeping the driving experience smooth and enjoyable.

Lastly, the tires have also been priced quite reasonably; they may be a little expensive; however, for the service and quality, they’re obviously worth it.


  • Perfectly balanced tires for on-road and off-road travels
  • Aggressive tread design for better performance
  • Made using durable material
  • High void ratio
  • Low noise creation


  • Priced a tad bit over other tires
  • The softer rubber may wear off quicker

Forceum M/T 08 Mud Tire- LT235

Forceum M/T 08 Mud Tire- LT235

Forceum, tires have been a name for reliability; with around 20+ years of experience in this industry, the company really knows what they’re doing. Accordingly, they’ve also designed the MT-08, a perfect partner for those who love to take their Jeeps off-road.

Coming into the market, these tires will look like any other mud terrain tire. However, these come with a small little twist! Featuring knob-like blocks situated right in the center tread allows the tire to better penetrate into the muddy or snowy surface – giving you a greater grip on the road.

An open tread design paired with the shoulder groove ridges makes sure that the treads do not get clogged by mud, snow, or dirt.

The open treads help feature a self-cleaning mechanism; it helps to keep the tires clean, allowing for better support during wet conditions and also keeping you safe from skidding.

To further keep mud and snow off the tires, they’ve included a continuous center rib. This hampers mudflow, helping improve traction and thus improving the jeeps grip on the road.

Greater traction is also key to braking, as the traction improves, it also cuts off on the amount of braking time required.

One of the major factors that may push you into purchasing these tires is their price. Priced at below $100 per tire makes them one of the cheapest pairs in the list.

Paired with the quality, the product seems to be providing value that cannot be compared by any other mud tire in the market.


  • Extremely cheap and value for money
  • Deep tread grooves for better grip on the road
  • Open treads allowing self-cleaning
  • Great traction and control
  • Improve braking time


  • Tires may prove to be a bit noisy
  • Softer material may wear off easily

What to Look for Before Buying Snow Tire?

What to Look for Before Buying Snow Tire

When you’re out buying a new set of tires, you’re getting yourself into a fairly big investment. Before you go forward with such a large investment, it’s always key that you look into a few aspects before you make the purchase, these include:

Tread Life

If you decide to make such a large investment, you’re going to want this investment to stick with you for the coming years.

In this case, make sure the tires you’re buying have a proven tread life of 25,000-30,000 miles, anything below that should be strictly avoided.

However, tread life will highly depend on usage; if you’re planning on using the vehicle for on-road purposes more than off-road, then you might find the tread to wear off quicker since they’re made using softer rubber to support you during off-roading.

Gripping and Mud Removal

For mud-terrain tires, gripping is the key to successfully holding their ground and maintaining traction. For the tires to be able to hold onto their terrain, purchase a tire set that has deeper tread grooves. The deeper treads lock in the terrain – giving the tire greater surface to hold onto.

With that, you’ll also want a tire that has open-ended treads. These help to drain mud and snow out of the wheels, keeping them clear. Make sure the space between treads is adequate to allow smooth flow of the terrain.

The, more aggressive-looking the treads, the better as they’ll break into the terrain easily, allowing you to get a better hold of the surface underneath.

Greater contact to the surface should increase traction, and also substantially increases your braking powers.


One of the factors that really matter when you’re off-roading is the ability of your tire to take a hit. In an off-roading situation, the tires tend to find themselves in quite a few daunting situations. And with rocks and debris lying around, it becomes difficult to save much of the tire.

To help resolve this, many tires come with sidewalls that are made of 3-ply rubber or sometimes even greater; this helps bear the load of the vehicle while also keeping it safe from extreme impacts, so the chances of you being stranded in the middle of nowhere are pretty slim.


Most mud-terrain tires do not differ much; each has almost the same functionality. However, some of them are priced higher than others. The differentiation comes forward in terms of material being used and aftersales services being provided.

However, since most tires are more or less the same, they shouldn’t cost you over $150 per piece.

Frequently Asked Question

How do mud-terrain tires function on snow and ice?

As these tires are mainly designed to deal with muddy terrain, they’re not going to give you a 100% on snow; even the best tires may lack griping at times.

In such cases, you might resolve to “siping” for better performance on snow; you may also choose to add a snow chain to your tires to get a greater grip while driving on snow and ice.

Can I take mud-terrain tires on the street?

Mud-terrain tires perform fairly well on-road as well, they’re just as smooth to drive at highway speeds. However, if you’re mainly driving on the streets, then they’re not for you since the tires will wear out quicker, and they’ll get quite loud.

How long will the tires last?

The lifetime of your tread will depend largely on where you’re buying the tires from and your usage pattern. If your tires are being driven regularly on the street, then it’s likely you’ll wear out the treads fairly quicker. However, on average, each tire should have a range of 25,000 miles to 30,000 miles.

Why should I consider mud-terrain tires?

People who buy these tires are largely involved in any part of off-roading, taking these tires onto muddy or rocky trails for a challenging drive.

These tires also perform surprisingly well on snow, so purchasing them as all-terrain tires wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Do aggressive tread tires have any disadvantages?

Buying a set of aggressive tread tires, do improve traction and gripping greatly when you’re traveling off-road. They also make your Jeep stand out better.

However, the more aggressive treads will lead to greater noise when driving on the road, the larger blocks will also make the ride feel very firm.

Final Words

If you’re looking to save quite a bit of money, and are also an off-roading junkie, then make sure your purchase reflects your needs.

Buying the mud tires for snow, will not only give you the benefit of all-weather tires, but you’ll also be able to drive your vehicle on any terrain.

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