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Traveling in your own vehicle has its joys. When you travel in your vehicle, you leave your worries of a busy schedule behind and hit the road to your favorite destination. Most travel enthusiasts have their RV for easy access to travel.

The benefits of an RV are endless; it gives you space and comfort at the same time. That is why an RV is the best choice of vehicle when it comes to traveling.

However, an RV is hard to maintain, especially if you don’t own a garage of that size or have the best RV cover.

An RV cover is one of the first things to consider buying for an RV owner.
This article will discuss the benefits of RV covers and highlight some of the best RV Covers in the market.

Benefits of Using RV Covers

Benefits of Using RV Covers

Offers UV Protection

An RV cover has UV protection; therefore, if you use the best RV covers on your vehicle, the cover will protect your RV from the damages UV might have caused. The UV rays, moisture, and wind damage some parts of the vehicle. For example, the paint of your RV.

Your RV will shine as bright as new with the help of the finest RV covers. Also, the RV cover will help keep the automobile looking new for a long time.

Keeps the Paint in Great Condition

The best RV covers keep the paint and the overall condition of the vehicle in the very best state. An RV Cover also provides protection from external weather, and therefore you always have easy access to traveling with safety.

This means the RV will be clean from dust, snow, rain, and sun. Bird droppings will also not affect the automobile’s condition, all thanks to the RV cover. An RV cover is also water-resistant, so it also gives your RV water protection.

One of the other benefits is that the RV cover makes maintenance very easy. The paint will stay as good as new on the RV; therefore, you don’t need to worry about repetitive paint jobs.

You can park the RV outside if you don’t have a garage, and the vehicle will not be affected as the RV cover will protect it from all kinds of weather conditions.

RV tire covers are another kind of protective layer that you can get to give your vehicle water protection.The RV tire covers can be made in a custom fit for a better adjustment to the RV.

Therefore, one of the most vital benefits of RV covers is the additional protection of the vehicle that makes the maintenance cost close to zero.

Our 5 Picks for the Best RV Covers

Choosing the right RV covers can be very tiresome sometimes. Therefore to make your work easier, we have listed some of the best RV covers in this RV cover review, which will help you make the best choice.

ADCO 52238 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover

ADCO 52238 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover

Here we have the ADCO 52238, which is a brilliant travel trailer cover for your vehicle. This RV cover has a maximum length of up to 15 feet, which means it can cover the recreational vehicle regardless of the type of sides or hem corners your RV has.

It is the best cover for irregularly shaped or larger recreational vehicles. This travel trailer RV cover can cover the ladders, slide doors, air conditioners of all sorts of automobiles; therefore, this is one of the best RV covers for all-over protection.

Also, the cover comes in different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about getting a custom fit one. In case of protection, this RV cover is fully capable of keeping your precious RV safe from any kind of weather condition.

The top panel of the cover is made of three-layer SFS Aquashed, and the sides of the covers are made of three-layer polypropylene material, which has the capacity of protecting your RV from at max 80 degree Celsius.

You don’t need to worry about snow and rain with this RV cover on your vehicle. Your auto has protection from that kind of water damage.

Again, these RV covers protect your RV from getting mold and mildew thanks to the top panel material. This travel trailer cover will serve as per your expectations.

The RV or travel trailer cover saves your RV from UV rays and keeps the paint from fading and cracking. Thus, the cover can give your RV the best protection.

In addition to everything, you can also have easy access to your RV even when it is in storage and when the travel trailer RV cover is on, thanks to the zippered panel.

The zippered panels are placed in front of the door for easier access to the inside of the RV. If you want to get into your RV quickly and with ease, this is the best cover, even when the cover is on.

Now let us look at some of the pros and cons of this RV cover.


  • Protects your RV from harmful UV rays and keeps the RV in good condition
  • Provides best heat protection for your RV
  • Breathable; therefore, there will be no mold and mildew problem
  • Come with zippered panels for easy access


  • Not the best RV covers for heavy-duty usage

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RVMasking Heavy Duty 300D Top Windproof Travel Trailer Cover

RVMasking Heavy Duty 300D Top Windproof Travel Trailer Cover

Let’s have a look at this RVMAsking Heavy Duty 300D. As the name suggests, it is very strong and lasts for a long time. This cover is one of the best motor home covers in the market for durability.

Despite being very strong, it is very light in weight, giving the cover the best air vent features. You can easily pick the cover on top of travel trailers for set up. This thing comes with easy to open zipper panels.

The fabric of these covers makes them very durable and provides the RV with extra protection. These RV covers do not tear even in extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, this fabric is one of the bests in the market that helps keep the trailers cool, thanks to its air vent feature. These RV covers are also the best for sun protection and extreme heat.

In case of protection, the RV covers are water-resistant; therefore, you don’t need to worry about snow and rain. Just set up the RV covers on the trailer and park the vehicle without any worry.

As we know, UV rays do the most harm to the travel trailers. The paint on the motorhome can fade and crack due to UV rays.

Thankfully these RV covers do protect your precious motorhome from harmful UV rays.
The five-layer top panel on these RV covers and three-layer sides help provide the best protection and keep your trailer in the best condition. With these RV covers, your RV is always ready to go.

Molds and mildews are always a problem that forms in the RV because of humidity. For that, these covers also have six air vents; this makes these the best RV covers for humid locations or heavy-duty usage.


  • One of the best and most durable RV covers
  • Excellent level of protection for the five-layered top and three-layered sides
  • Best RV protection from UV
  • One of the best lightweight RV covers


  • Portability might be an issue as these RV covers do not come with a storage bag

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

The Classic Accessories Overdrive PolyPRO 3 covers are one of the best covers on the market. These are easy to set up since they are very lightweight.

They come in various sizes; therefore, you don’t have to worry about the right fit for the RV covers.

These RV covers will keep your RV as good as new. It protects your RV from UV, snow rain, or any other weather conditions.

The fabric of this thing is very strong; therefore, it will not tear while setting up; its excellent quality also makes it very durable.

The top of this cover is covered with triple-ply; therefore, it will save your RV from extreme heat UV rays and the most annoying bird droppings.

This cover will work as a blanket for the RV as it has adjustable tension panels, which help reduce the front and rear tension of the vehicle.

On top of that, its sides have elastics, so it properly hugs the RV. This feature makes the cover stand out in the markets as it provides extra protection to the RV from scratches while setting up.

The cover has air vents that allow the trapped air to escape, making the RV have no humidity and creates less moisture.

For quick set up and easy access to the trailer, the cover has zippered panels. These panels place on the door and engine area so you can work in the trailer and even on the engine repairs.

There are straps attached to the cover, and it also comes with a stuffed sack and ladder caps. All these wonderful features make it a deluxe travel trailer cover.


  • Made of excellent fabric quality, triple ply layered defense on the top
  • Convenient zippered panel
  • Integrated air vent system
  • Comes with straps and a buckle
  • Adjustable tension panels for adjusting the rear and front tension
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • Need at least two people to set up
  • It might be a bit pricey

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Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

Looking for the best triple-ply top RV cover for your trailer? Check this one out.
This one from Leader is an RV cover with a triple-ply top.

The hem corners are made with a single breathable ply so that you get protection from birds, all kinds of weather conditions, mold and mildew, bird scatterings, and any other kind of disturbance while getting some air as well.

Triple ply or a triple layer top is the best option for protection but can make you feel claustrophobic at times. But not this one. It is one of the best RV covers if you like to feel light and breezy at all times.

Not only does this RV cover protect you, but it also helps protect your RV. It helps keep the RV in good condition so that there is a high resell value.

The heavy-duty RV cover has panels that are adjustable front and rear. So they will fit your RV like a glove. This will be the best option if you can’t seem to get the right size or custom fit RV cover.

Thanks to the air vent system, wind damage is prevented. And the air vent also allows this to be used as a pop-up camper.

There is enough airflow that passes through the air vent system, but not too much to cause damage, giving your RV water protection and breathability simultaneously. Wind stress will have no impact on your motorhome; neither will any other outdoor elements.

One of the other benefits that this RV cover has over other motorhome panels is that it has a lot of zippers. This thing also has a great length.

The full-cut feature allows you to use ladders with ease. You also get a handy storage bag included with your purchase.


  • Wind stress has no impact, thanks to the high-quality air vent system
  • Best RV cover for heavy-duty tasks with multiple zipper panel
  • Adjustable front and rear panels for a better fit to the RV
  • Free storage bag
  • Triple ply top gives you protection from mold and mildew


  • Not the most durable RV or travel trailer covers

KINGBIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

KINGBIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

Tear-proof covers are becoming harder to find nowadays. Not all covers are made with the same kind of triple-layer ply top designed to be extra thick four plies such as this one.

There are no outdoor elements that this product cannot tackle. That is why we have saved this one for the last on our RV cover reviews; so that we can end with a banger.

You will be able to use this triple layer travel trailer cover for a very long time before even thinking about a replacement.

This RC cover comes with rear tension panels; this, along with the long length, helps keep the RV cover held in position.

There is a great air vent system that helps keep both the interior and exterior of the RV cover dry at all times.

So you do not need to worry about damages to the RV because of any damp environment. This RV cover can give you more protection than any other covers on the market.


  • Heavy-duty cover that protects you from mold and mildew
  • Best RV cover for durability
  • Sturdy ply top with high-quality top panel, more affordable than others on the market
  • Front and Rear tension panels hold this one in place
  • A great air vent system prevents moisture and wind from causing damage


  • Cannot be made into a custom fit

What to Look for Before Buying an RV Cover?

Now the question arises that what are the features in an RV cover you should look for? To clear that confusion, we have mentioned some notable points.


While buying an RV Cover, the size is the most crucial part to consider. The RV Cover is like a shirt or jacket for the trailer.

If the size of the motorhome covers is too tight, then it might not fit the RV, and it will be very hard to put the cover on the vehicle.

Now you can think that buying a loose cover can never go wrong as it will cover the RV and it will be very easy to install. Well, this might cover the automobile, but it will not fit the RV perfectly.

The gap will expose the RV to dust, water, or any other outdoor elements. So make sure you know what size covers the need for your RV.


Once you have found the right-sized travel trailer cover next, then comes the issue of the material with which the cover is made of.

The material will determine whether the travel trailer cover will serve the purpose of buying the cover and whether you will get protection from outdoor elements.

Also, keep an eye out for RV covers, which are made with triple-layer material. If you made a shirt for summer, but it is made for winter, then the cloth will be made of thick cloth. Therefore, you will not be able to use it for the reason you are buying it.

Likewise, looking at the material, you can judge whether the cover is water-resistant, RV-proof, or dustproof. The materials which should be considered for your RV cover are:


The material is excellent for the cover, which will be used in hot weather conditions. You will get excellent UV rays protection. It can also give you protection from outdoor elements such as insects in winter and summer.


This material is very tough and can give you protection from even acid; however, it is water-resistant instead of waterproof.

So, your RV does not get that much water protection, but it does cover your motorhome and give the RV an integrated air vent system.


So far, the toughest material for RV covers. It will not tear easily, making it very durable, and it is also water-resistant. This material is the best at giving your RV protection from all kinds of weather conditions.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic

The cover made out of this material is both UV rays and waterproof.

Zipped Access Panel

Make sure the cover has zippered panels, which will allow easy access to the travel trailer RV cover even when it is sitting in your garage.

Air Vent

The air vents in the trailer covers will ensure that the RV is not trapping warm air and making it moist. The breathability will prevent mold and mildew.


The straps allow the trailer’s cover to hold onto the RV even at times of storm. It helps to allow the trailer cover to stay on the RV and manages to withstand any level of wind stress.

Top Coverin

The most important feature, as it solves a very annoying problem that any vehicle owner faces, bird droppings.

It also keeps the inside of the RV cool and provides extra protection to it. You need to see if the top is triple-ply or single-ply.

Tips on Proper Covering

The tips will help you to cover your motorhome the right way. You could have the best RV cover placed on your RV but not get any benefits because the cover is not placed right or is not maintained properly.

At first clean your motorhome, then get on top of the RV with the travel trailer RV cover and spread the top panel of the cover evenly on the top of the vehicle. You need to do this more delicately if the RV cover is single ply.

Get down and make sure that the cover is not stuck with anything. If it is, then lose the trailer cover first, then pull it down to cover the sides of the RV.

The tricky part is done now. All you need to do is properly attach the cover’s straps and make sure you zip the zipper panels to ensure maximum coverage. The whole length of your RV should be covered by the travel trailer covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions about travel trailer RV cover or camper cover have been answered by us to clear further confusion.

Are the RV covers worth it?

RV covers are definitely worth every money you spend, it is a one-time investment, and it will last more or less a year.

This investment will keep maintenance costs like paint jobs and cleaning costs at a minimum.

Even a single-ply RV cover can help you save a lot of money on RV or travel trailers maintenance.

Do RV covers cause damage?

The perfect size fits the RV properly; therefore, it will not cause any harm; however, if the RV trailer cover is loose, it may have moved due to wind stress and cause some damage.

Should I cover my RV in the summer?

The summertime is very sunny and bright, which means more UV rays; therefore, if you want to protect the RV from UV rays, you should cover it.

Are the RV covers waterproof?

Now there is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof as most travel trailer RV covers might be water-resistant; it might not always be waterproof.

How do I wash a cover?

Generally speaking, the trailer cover is a cover made of cloth; therefore, you can wash it just like your cloth.

But since the cover’s size does not allow us to put it in a washing machine, you have to do it manually and be careful while washing; you don’t want to damage the cover.

Final Words

RV cover is an amazing accessory that provides the ultimate protection for your RV. This article has all the information you need to know about some of the best RV Covers in the market. We hope you found this helpful and make the best choice while purchasing.

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