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In this post, we are going to talk about tires, but let’s begin by outlining a few facts about the Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4×4.

Well, the designing of this truck ensures that form meets function. It is a beast that allows you to outdo anything you have done using other vehicles.

Best Tires for Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4x4

After all, it has exceptional diesel torque, coupled with impressive payload and gas towing capacities.

With about 1,000 pound-feet of diesel torque, you can tow up to 35,100 pounds with remarkable ease.

Do you want to make the most of this robust, sturdy and hardworking truck?

It’s simple; you need the good tires for dodge ram 3500 diesel 4×4.

Dive in, and let’s go through the 6 top models that guarantee more traction, better braking, improved fuel efficiency, and longer tread life.

Best Tires for Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4×4 Review

Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4x4 tire reviews

Tires are major contributors to the overall performance of your car. We did intensive research to present to you the top 6 models for Dodge Ram 3500 that provide improved braking, better traction, and enhanced driving comfort.

Check them out!

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire – 235/75R15 105S

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire - 235/75R15 105S

Let’s dive right in and begin by reviewing one of the most comfortable off-road tires on this list.

This model has a radial construction that makes cruising on rough terrain just as comfortable as traversing through paved roads. It is a perfect choice for your Dodge Ram 3500 diesel, truck, SUV, or jeep.

With this beast, you can go on your off-road adventures with confidence even when traversing through harsh terrain.

I must, however, insist that this is a model whose performance is more dependable on moderate terrain.

It is designed to ensure smooth rides when traversing through rocks, snow, and sand.

If you use your vehicle for towing light weights, you will appreciate the 105 load index.

When used on small cars and medium trucks, the performance of this model is quite dependable and predictable.

Some of the features on the tire include 12 inches deep treads for an excellent grip on slippery terrain.

The traction offered is also impressive, so you don’t have to worry about losing control when your truck is slightly overloaded.

However, It is worth mentioning that the durability of this tire is above average.

It is made from one of the sturdiest rubber compounds, and its treads and lugs are designed for slow and uniform tear and wear.

In fact, you are likely to end up selling your set of tires as second-hand products because they hardly wear out entirely.


  • An excellent option for light trucks and small cars
  • Heavy-duty construction for outstanding durability
  • Versatile tire ideal for trucks, SUVs, and pickups
  • Good all-weather traction
  • Powerful grip and enhanced handling
  • Predictable performance on a range of terrains


  • There are better models to consider if you often drive through harsh terrain

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Falken Wildpeak AT3W all_ Season Radial Tire-265/75R16 116T

Falken Wildpeak AT3W all_ Season Radial Tire-265/75R16 116T

One of the most outstanding features of this model is its aesthetically appealing and unique hybrid tread design.

Even though it is an all-season tire, its tread pattern looks like something between an all-terrain and mud-terrain tire.

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W All_Season Radial Tire is made from a tough compound to deliver outstanding off-road performance.

If you often use paved roads, you do not have to worry about your ride getting overly noisy.

These tires have a large center tread block for reduced noise and enhanced stability on highways.

The dry and wet traction on paved roads is simply outstanding.

When you dive off-road, on the other hand, you can expect the 30-32 inch tread depth, aggressive shoulder design, and stepped down tread blocks to provide excellent traction.

These are excellent tires to use if you often traverse through gravel, rocks, mud, dirt, and other harsh terrains.

The 2-ply sidewall and extra lugs help to prevent bruising and puncture when driving off-road.

One of the major bragging points of this tire is its winter performance — the 3D Canyon Sipes aid in grabbing the snow for improved traction in wintery conditions.

On the other hand, the aggressive tread pattern promotes self-cleaning of the treads for consistently high performance.

The reasons why this model has an edge above its competitors are self-evident.

After all, it hits all the right buttons from its design to its performance both on and off-road.

Better still, it features a lower price point, assuring users of getting excellent value for their money.


  • Outstanding wet and dry traction on highways
  • Engineered to provide quiet and comfortable on-road rides
  • Excellent winter performance
  • Ideal for traversing through various terrain including rocky and muddy roads
  • Reliable tread life
  • Puncture and bruise resistant sidewall
  • It is quite Affordable


  • Some users complain that these tires are hard to balance

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Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus All-Season Tire – 275/60R20 119T

Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus All-Season Tire - 275/60R20 119T

For those with sport utility vehicles or full-size pickups, we have you covered with the Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus All-Season Tire.

It is commonly used as original equipment and also serves as an excellent replacement tire model for those in need of improved performance through all seasons.

This tire comes with an all-season truck tread compound for that much needed all-rounded performance profile.

The non-directional tread pattern will give your ride a proper facelift, although its primary purpose is to ensure extended treadlife.

This unique and optimized tread pitch sequence also helps to minimize road noise on highways.

Another great feature is the see-through grooves with wider lateral slots. They help to deliver better traction and handling on wet surfaces by keeping hydroplaning at bay.

You will also notice the high density sipping around the treads, which provides powerful biting edges for a proper grip on ice and snow.

This is a durable and robust tire that is engineered to provide maximum stability.

It has two in-built steel belts with nylon reinforcement and a polyester cord body for improved ride comfort on different terrain.

Additionally, there are in-built rim protectors to protect your expensive custom wheels from potential damage.

This is one of the greatest tires for dodge ram 3500 diesel 4×4 because of its generally dependable performance.

It hits all the right spots in terms of dry traction, handling steering responsiveness, and dependable tire stability throughout the speed range, even when driving at high speeds.


  • Excellent dry traction and handling
  • Reliable winter performance
  • Dependable cornering grip and overall stability
  • Dependable cornering grip and overall stability
  • Smooth, comfortable and quiet rides on highways
  • Strong and durable tire
  • Above-average performance through all seasons


  • The wet traction could be better

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BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 All-Terrain Radial Tire

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 All-Terrain Radial Tire

If you are like the majority of Dodge Ram 3500 owners, the chances are that you will appreciate a tire that provides superior traction on both paved and unpaved roads.

This model is an all-terrain champion that performs surprisingly well on snow, gravel, sand, and mud.

It is worth mentioning that this is a modern tire infused with a host of technologies that boost its overall performance.

First, there is the CoreGard Technology that makes the sidewall tough and resistant to cuts and abrasions.

Furthermore, this model has thick extended shoulders that provide plenty of rubber and boost durability.

There are not so many all-terrain tires that are half as durable as this one. For prolonged treadlife, this model has the Advanced Deflection Design.

As the name suggests, this design helps in deflecting sharp objects to further protect the sidewall from cuts and punctures.

Let’s talk about the kind of traction to expect. Well, the traction is great on mud, snow and rocky terrain because of the upper sidewall traction bars.

This is an excellent feature that keeps the overall performance dependable even if your tires air down.

If you are using this model, then it is unnecessary to switch your tires during the winter.

It is a perfect companion for traversing through deep snow thanks to the serrated shoulder design for enhanced maneuverability.

The 3-D Active Sipe technology also boosts snow traction by providing more biting edges.


  • Reliable on and off-road traction
  • Exceptional performance on sand, mud, snow, and gravel
  • Best for use during vicious winters (has the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol)
  • Tough, cut and bruise resistant sidewall
  • Excellent biting edges for enhanced stability
  • 10-ply tires (designed to last for years)
  • Load range E (perfect for towing)


  • Once the tires start wearing out, they get overly noisy on-road

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Kumho Road Venture AT51 – LT265/75R16/10 123R 10-ply

Kumho Road Venture AT51 - LT265/75R16/10 123R 10-ply

We come bearing gifts for everyone, and this model is just what you need if you want increased traction, longer treadlife, and outstanding ride comfort.

This is a tire that combines a superior command of rugged terrain with remarkable all-terrain, all-season performance.

What gives this model an edge above other all-season radial tires is that it features a unique dual silica tread compound.

Hence, Its rubber is cut, puncture and bruise resistant so you can drive through off-road terrain without worrying about getting stuck.

In terms of the tread design, this model has integrated full-depth stepped circumferential grooves.

They help in delivering excellent off-road traction, especially on loose gravel and dirt.

The tapered tread block pattern, on the other hand, improves traction on slush, snow, and mud.

Honestly, the winter traction of this model came as a complete surprise.

From a professional stance, we can confidently conclude that this is the type of snow performance you can expect from top-rated all-terrain tires like the Cooper A/T3, BFGoodrich A/T, T/A KO2 and Michelin LTX A/T 2.

The on-road performance is also worth writing home about. Kumho has done some serious heavy lifting to create an all-season, all-terrain tire that supports quiet, smooth, and comfortable driving on highways.

The symmetric tread design with variable-pitch tread blocks helps to minimize noise on paved roads.


  • A strong tire with a sturdy construction
  • Excellent off-road traction
  • Smooth, quiet and comfortable rides on-road
  • Outstanding winter performance
  • Performance is comparable to that of other top-rated models
  • Enhanced stability and handling on mud terrain
  • Full-depth circumferential grooves for remarkable gripping power
  • Made from a dual silica tread compound for enhanced longevity


  • The deep mud traction is okay, not excellent

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What to Look for Before Buying?

What to Look for Before Buying Tires for Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4x4

Tires have a significant impact on what your car can or cannot do. After all, they are the only point of contact with the road.

They influence your level of control when driving, cornering, and braking. Your tires also dictate the overall quietness and comfort of your ride.

Here are several vital aspects to consider when searching for high-performance tires for Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel 4×4

Tread Depth

The tread depth dictates the traction and braking power of your tires.

Models with thicker, more aggressive treads perform better when traversing through mud, sand, debris, snow, and wet surfaces.

Thick treads and wide grooves help to better manage hazardous road conditions.

In case you traverse through tough terrains from time to time, choosing models with dependable tread depth is a matter of primary importance.

Apart from providing better traction, such tires also prevent hydroplaning and reduce the risk of your vehicle spinning out of control, especially when towing heavy loads.

Noise Levels

We can all agree that not all tire models are ideal for on-road driving. Models with thicker, more aggressive tread patterns tend to perform optimally off-road.

This is because they are noisier and, therefore, less comfortable on highways.

In case you often use paved roads, then choosing tires with thicker tread patterns is not necessary.


Rigidity of Dodge Ram 3500 tire

Tire rubber can be soft or hard. Softer rubber provides a better grip on the ground, which calculates into more traction and improved braking.

Unfortunately, tires with softer rubber also tend to wear out faster and are more vulnerable to cuts, punctures, and abrasions.

Harder rubber does not provide outstanding traction. However, it performs well under harsh driving conditions and lasts longer.

Instead of choosing between tires with softer and harder rubber, focus on ensuring that the features of a specific model match your driving needs.

Load Rating

If you primarily use your Dodge Ram 3500 for towing, then the load rating of a tire is a pivotal aspect to consider.

Begin by taking note of the load rating the car requires and take a look at the classification of the original tires. Be sure to choose a higher, not a lower load rating.

The load rating of a tire is denoted by letters, for example, B, C, D, E, and so on.

These letters indicate the expected durability, amount of air pressure a tire can hold, and the amount of weight it can carry.

Speed Rating

Tires differ when it comes to their speed rating. For instance, those that are C-E rated can only speed up to 65 mph.

Your tire will hence be at risk of getting blown out if you exceed this speed. For speed maniacs, you certainly need models with a higher speed rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between towing tires and regular tires?

Yes. The best towing tires are designed to provide a better grip on the ground, and this means you get better traction.

These tires have deeper treads, rigid sidewalls, and larger beads to prevent swaying, especially on slippery terrain.

How often should I change my tires?

How frequently you should get your tires replaced will first depend on the model you use.

Quality tires can last for 6-7 years, although this will again depend on the condition of your roads.

To be on the safe side, ask your mechanic for a more accurate answer each time you schedule for tire rotation.

How often do my tires need rotating?

To ensure that the treads wear out uniformly, you should schedule for tire rotation after every 4000-5000 miles.

Research shows that most American drivers cover 1000 miles monthly on average. Therefore, you should plan for a service 2-3 times each year.

Which is the best type of tire for my Dodge Ram 3500?

There are numerous types of tires, including all-terrain, all-season, mud-terrain, and even towing tires.

The right model to choose will highly depend on your driving needs.

If you drive on and off-road, then perhaps all-terrain tires will do.

In case you are always towing something heavy with your car, then maybe you should focus on finding the best towing tires.

What mileage will I get from quality tires for Dodge Ram 3500?

Several things determine the mileage of tires. Apart from the overall quality of their construction, aspects like how frequently you traverse through off-road terrains may have an impact on their lifespan.

On average, you will get something between 20,000 and 40,000 miles.

What mileage will I get from quality tires for Dodge Ram 3500

Final Words

If the performance of your car is satisfactory while using the original equipment tire, then you may not need an upgrade.

However, you should explore other tire options if you are currently not enjoying an optimal driving experience.

Our list contains the tires for dodge ram 3500 diesel 4×4. Make sure the model you choose meets your unique driving needs.

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