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It would be simply impossible to plow through the rough and vicious terrains using the average tires.

They aren’t just tough enough to tackle the challenges of off-road tracks. If you want a seamless off-roading adventure, there is no alternative to utilizing MTs or mud tires.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term Review

The best mud tires like the Falken Wildpeak AT3W are equipped with big and chunky tread patterns that make them amazingly stable on the most slippery roads. You must install these tires if you want the best experience.

Allow us to introduce this incredible piece of rigs in detail using our Falken Wildpeak AT3W review. You’ll be pushing through the worst terrains smoothly without skidding or derailing!

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Review in 2021

Falken Wildpeak AT3W overview


This model can be the perfect choice for the serious and hardcore off-roaders who frequently take on dangerous feats!

Created by Falken, a renowned brand that’s been offering outstanding tires for decades, it offers flawless performance in all terrains. You’d instantly fall in love with its all-season versatility and outstanding comfort!

Right off the bat, this one boasts an attractive and sublime appearance that will be wonderfully alluring for anyone. There is nothing wrong with looking stylish in your off-road adventures!

The best thing about this equipment is that it’s specially engineered to be a hybrid. This means while handling the rugged terrains is its strongest forte, it can help you to drive on the highway pavements with almost equal competency.

So, if your vehicle is equipped with this item, feel free to switch between off-roads and highways any time you want!

Sporting modern and innovative features, you’d get outstanding traction from this thing no matter where you drive.

Whether you’re covering dry, wet, rocky, or even snowy terrains that are insanely challenging, you’d slice through them like butter! Even on those loose surfaces, you’ll feel a supreme grip that prevents slipping offs.

And the all-season design makes it suitable for all weather. Don’t be afraid of going out on an adventure even if it is raining or snowing hard! There are more than enough features that ensure your off-roading is never interrupted.

You’ll be completely safe from the perils of off-roads and relish a stable, comfortable, and smooth ride!

On capable hands, there isn’t really anything that can stop you from enjoying those adrenaline-filled off-road expeditions!

Moreover, durability is another noteworthy side of this top-notch product. It’s capable of taking a lot of beating and features lots of protection from wears and abrasions. If you decide to go with this tire, rest assured, you’re in for the long haul!

You’d think something that offers so much must cost a fortune. On the contrary, it’s highly affordable, which is quite surprising.

This kit checks all the right boxes that make mud-terrain terrains truly amazing. With the ability to offer ultra-high performance, it’s placed among the best mud tires!

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Key Features

Here are the most important features of the Falken Wildpeak;

Outer Apex Sidewall

This tire’s internal casing is protected by the secondary bead apex. In addition to working as a heat shield and adding to the durability, it also increases handling on those rugged terrains.

Aggressive Upper Sidewall

The aggressive upper sidewall offers significant protection from sharp rocks and other pointy objects that are often found on off-road terrains.

So, they won’t be able to puncture your tires and put you in an uncomfortable position. Additionally, it provides enhanced traction.

Rigid and Rugged Tread Blocks

Thanks to the unique tread blocks, an amazing rigidity is offered in the contact patch. This results in the improving of your vehicle’s stability as well as handling on coarse pavements.

Besides, the tread design fends off the stones and prevents them from getting trapped in the grooves.

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Heat Diffuser Technology

A lot of heat is usually generated when the wheels are moving. This can potentially damage the internal structure of the tires.

So, to prevent this, the Wildpeak AT3W makes use of a brilliant technology that effectively dissipates the heat. As a result, the most sensitive areas are kept cool.

This feature particularly helps in improving the stability of your vehicle when you’re carrying heavy loads.

3D Canyon Sipe Technology

The 3D Canyon Sipe Tech is a rather interesting one, which is the result of the company’s extensive research.

It enlarges the edges of the tire in order to provide better handling on icy and wet terrains. Additionally, the interlocking shoulders provide assistance in resisting wear caused by high torque and heavy loads.

Deep Tread & Silica Tread Compound

Thanks to the super-deep tread blocks, this one is perfectly secured from frequent snows. Besides, this unique touch makes it extremely capable of resisting hydroplaning that builds up due to driving on wet surfaces on a regular basis.

Combined with the silica tread compound, long-lasting wear life, and excellent wet performance is ensured. As a result, your off-roader will cut through wet terrains without any problem!


  • Offers brilliant traction and handling in any weather
  • Remarkable performance on highways
  • Excels at running on off-road terrains of any sort
  • Amazing internal cooling system to dissipate heating
  • Durable enough to take on heavy loads while remaining stable
  • Offers extremely comfortable ride regardless of the road types
  • Long-lasting wear life and capable of resisting damaging elements


  • Produces some noise on the highway
  • Reduced traction on loose surfaces like soft dirt and sand

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Performance Level

As we’ve mentioned before, the Wildpeak AT3W is designed to be an all-season mud-terrain tire.

So, you can surely expect excellent performance on both dry and wet seasons. We’ve tested it ourselves, and the results were quite impressive.

The tires respond very quickly to brakes and accelerating even when the road’s totally slippery. You’d get enough traction to drive on light to moderate snows.

However, this model shines the brightest when you use it to power through the rough terrains that are rocky and not very trustworthy!

Dry Performance

This equipment’s ultra-performance on dry surfaces is all thanks to the aggressive outer sidewall and the outer apex sidewall.

These special features ensure your vehicle remains exceptionally stable on dry weather. The heat diffuser technology will keep the tire’s favorably cool to allow them to stay stable under heavy loads.

It’s adequately protected from high torque aided by the innovative 3D canyon sipe tech. All of these features work together to ensure an impressive off-road performance in dry weather.

You’ll be comfortably slicing through muddy and rocky surfaces with ease. Sharp rocks can prove to be problems because they are capable of penetrating the tires or wearing them out.

But this thing enjoys outstanding protection, so pointy stuff won’t even be able to leave strong scratch marks.

Damaging elements like rock particles can easily get trapped on the wheels. They can contribute to reducing the performance level.

However, this unit boasts a unique design that successfully repels all these things. So, they cannot gather up to be problematic.

Wet Performance

The Wildpeak AT3W’s wet performance is definitely commendable. You can confidently drive on watery surfaces without being afraid of slipping off or damaging your tires.

Aided by the deep tread design and the silica tread compound, wet surfaces are nothing to be fearful of.

These features help in increasing the durability of the tires and resisting hydroplaning in addition to offering amazing handling and stability.

The rugged and rigid body of the tires is excellent for dealing with winter weather conditions. So, they will tear through the icy and snowy roads without skidding at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Falken Wildpeak AT3W:

Are these tires loud?

Not really, but it gets considerably louder when driving on highway roads. Most people won’t find it to be loud enough to be irritating. The sound usually gets obscured by the music of your radio.

Who makes Falken tires?

Falken tires are created by a Japanese company called “Falken Tire” which is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries. However, it has a strong presence in North America and Europe.

What’s the mileage rating?

The mile rating ranges from 50,000 to 55,000 miles. These tires feel pretty good off the road and on the road.

Does this model do well on snow?

Yup, you’d be quite impressed by its performance on the snow. It’s packed with amazing features that are directed at improving snow performance.

Can you use AT3W tire one on the road?

This is one of the greatest things about this product. It’s designed to be a multipurpose tire, which means you can feel free to use it on off-road and highways.

Bottom Line

You should already know how impressive this model is if you’ve read our Falken Wildpeak AT3W Long Term review.

With so many incredible and top-notch modern features, this is easily one of the best mud-terrain tires out there. What’s surprising is that you get all of these for a very low price!

With this one, no matter where you drive or how rough the terrains are, you’ll be victorious over any landscape.

If you’re on a budget, there really aren’t that many better options than the Wildpeak AT3W.

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