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When we need to change the most frequent parts of our car, choosing the right tires could be a great hassle. Do you know, changing the tires at the right time is necessarily important whenever you wish to drive through off roads? During your drive, your tires require more capabilities. Take a keen decision while choosing tires for your vehicles because the overall performance of your vehicles depends on the quality of tires you choose. The choice of the right tires will enhance the acceleration, braking, and handling quality of your vehicle.

A complete comparison between Terra Grappler, the Ridge Grappler, and the Trail Grappler

Sr.Nitto terraNitto RidgeTrail grappler
FamilyBelongs to A/T familyConatins prorperties of both A/T and M/T familyBelongs to M/T family
DurabilitydurabledurableNot durable
Tractionbest for dry, wet and mud tractionKing of all types of tractionProvides fantastic mud and wet traction
ComfortcomfortableLess comfortableLess comfortable
off-road and on-road capabiltiesGood for off-road travelPerfect for bothoff-road and on-road travelExcellent off-road capabilties
priceaffordablecostlyLittle expensive

Let’s start our comparison between Nitto Ridge Grappler, Nitto Terra Grappler and Trail grappler. All of them are made for different purposes. Nitto Ridge Grappler contains special hybrid terrian design and containing the features of both A/T and M/T. On the other hand, terra grappler are best to meet your everyday needs. While trail grapplers are specially designed for mud terrain. All of the tires have fantastic features but different purposes. 

If all of them are good enough in their features then how will you choose the right one for your vehicle?

Let’s move further to let you know, how to choose the best tires for your vehicle.

How to choose the right tires for your vehicle?

We know, choosing the right tires for your vehicle can be daunting because there are a lot of brands, sizes, and tire types to choose from and this could make you confuse. But don’t worry, we are here with great research to decide which tires are best to choose. We will suggest you go for Nitto tires. Keep on scrolling to learn more about these three Nitto tires. 

But before buying, remind these things:

  • What is the purpose of buying tires?
  • Which types of tires are required by your vehicle?
  • How many miles, you need to cover from the tires?
  • What is your budget to buy tires?

We suggest you purchase by understanding all your needs.

Which tires are best to choose?

When the concern is to find the most versatile tires, Nitto is the best option to choose. Nitto tires were first developed in 1949 in japan and till now, they have made enough worth due to their high-quality material, great design, impressive handling, and many more features to convince the buyer to must go for these tires. 

Choosing the right tires for your truck or car

Keep in mind! All of the mentioned tires are best if you know the purpose of their use. Like, trail grapplers are best to tackle mud terrain. Its features like Siped tread blocks, aggressive mud pattern, dual sidewall designs, deep central siping, and a balanced void ratio make them the right choice for a mud terrain.

On the other hand, Terra grappler belongs to the A/T family and is best for everyday use. Anyone who wants to drive without the fear of terrain. Some of the features of Terra Grappler includes:

  • full-depth sipes
  • variable pitch tread design
  • coupling joints
  • staggered shoulder lugs

These tires are best to tackle roughness.

Ridge Grappler contains the feature of both A/T and M/T tires and contains more latest hybrid technology. Even though you use them on rough rides, they will provide you with the most comfortable and smooth journey like highway tires. It doesn’t matter how much rough your road is, these tires will never show any noise. 

Let’s judge more about these tires by comparing some of their features


Trail grapplers

Trail grapplers are not so durable and we don’t consider them the best choice for long routes. They are not durable and can affect your travel negatively. These tires usually have less life. But don’t worry, shortly, Nitto will eliminate these issues as they are still working to make them durable. Till now, they have added 3-Ply sidewall and a thick rubber tread in the tires to avoid punctures. Also, it has two jointless cap ply construction to avoid any damage by preventing any unwanted object to enter it. But still, it can only cover 20,000 and 30,000 miles which are not considered exceptional at all as compared to other tires.

Terra Grappler 

The durability of Terra Grappler is considerable. These tires are too rigid to maintain their shape in off-road and high-speed driving. Terra Grappler comes with the treadwear guarantee and can offer a smooth and comfortable trip of 50,000 miles without flaws. 

Ridge Grappler

Ridge grappler comes with hybrid technology and the highest durability rates. This tire has extraordinary rigidity to protect your tire from wobbling. The drilling actions of the stones become impossible due to stone ejectors. In short, these tires usually have a long life. You can choose them with no worries and doubts.


Trail Grappler provides fantastic mud and wet traction. Terra Grappler is best for dry, wet, and mud traction. Ridge Grappler, on the other hand, is the king of all tires in traction.

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On-road and off-road drive comparison

Trail Grappler has considerable off-road capabilities but its on-road performance is not so good. Do you know, what is the issue? Its aggressive pattern and rigid designs are two reasons to make them bad for on-road drives. Nitto has provided tread blocks to Trail Grappler to help to maintain mud tractions but still, three is a need to focus on off-road performances. 

Terra Grappler, on the other hand, is ever ready to make your ride unforgettable. Are you ready to enjoy yourself on a highway or mountains? Ready for the most comfortable journey? Let the reinforced couple joints maintain their rigidity. But remember! Don’t choose them for on-road travels.

Ridge grapplers are best for both off-road and on-road travels.


Remember! All the tires that belong to the A/T family are less comfortable. While on the other hand, M/T tires offer more comfortability than A/T tires. Trail grapplers give aggressive rides and hence are less comfortable. 

But why they are aggressive?

These tires are more aggressive than a street tires. The tread is too deep and the tread blocks appearance quite competitive with lots of jagged edges. You’ll additionally be aware of plenty of jagged siping which provides to the aggression. 

G2 has a variable pitch tread block to provide smooth travel. These tires are not so noisy and provide enough comfort. Usually, the A/T tires are noisier on off-road travels.  Ridge grapplers also use variable pitch tread blocks to provide a quieter ride. Its features like zig-zag grooves edge blocks can offer you smoother rides. But do you know, this tire has still some flaws? Like, its reinforced block foundation will increase the rigidity and decrease the chances of wobbling of the tires.


Terra grappler shows excellent performance on the highway with its quick steering response and handling. As it is an A/T tire but still offers a surprisingly comfortable ride. The price of the Nitto terra grappler is easily affordable to its customers. Its affordability is a plus point but its aggressiveness and noisy ride convince the customers to think of other better options. On the other hand, the price of trail grapplers is comparatively high. They usually have long-life and can offer quiet journeys and long mileage coverage.                     

Nitto ridge grappler comes with the highest rates because of its high quality, extraordinary performance, and considerable benefits. Nitto ridge has a dynamic hybrid tread pattern and provides a noise-free comfortable ride. These tires are responsible for smooth off-road performance. Its REINFORCED BLOCK FOUNDATION adds rigidity to tread blocks that become the reason for reducing flex. Customers are highly satisfied with their performance and ready to spent a large amount to get the most comfortable and smoother journey. 

We believe, all these comparisons will be helpful for you to take the right decision. Let’s clear your confusion even more with our conclusion.

Final thought: which one to choose?

In our opinion, every tire has its specialty and build for a specific purpose. Before choosing a particular tire, we suggest you know your purpose and requirements first, before choosing any tires. Like trail grapplers can work well in mud but they show evenly poor performance in dry conditions. Similarly, if you are looking for the best tires for off-road, Terra Grappler could be the right choice. Their wet performance is too poor. Also, no tire can compete with Terra Grappler in durability. They come with a treadwear warranty. While ridge grappler’s traction is considerable during both off-road and on-road conditions. ridge grappler is not noisy like A/T tires. 

Hope our article will be helpful for you to decide which Nitto tires are best to choose. Best of luck to choose the right tires for your car or truck.

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