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If you ever wanted to buy tires and did some research, you probably realize how tough it is to choose one. There are thousands of different tires and hundreds of brands.

However, there might be two brands you have heard of. They are BFGoodrich and Nitto.

These two brands have been making tires and going head to head for a very long time. Their hybrid tire lines are very similar.

Ridge Grappler vs KO2, which one is better? We are here to finally end the debate and give you a good rundown of their whole line up. It’s time to see which one is going to be your next choice.

Ridge Grappler vs KO2 – Comparison in 2021

Ridge Grappler

Recommended Ridge Grapplers to Buy

Let’s start with the Nitto Ridge Grappler lineup. These guys have been making tires for a very long time, and they have a good idea about the market.You have probably seen a lot of vehicles using their tires too.

People love this brand mainly because their products are high-quality. They are competing with other premium brands with a considerably lower price range.

The Ridge Grappler is a hybrid tire that can take you anywhere.
Their load capacity is very high.

They also provide a smooth riding experience. If you are planning to use this tire roughly, you indeed can because of their fantastic longevity.

The traction controls are very impressive as well, providing you with a smooth riding experience, even on rough terrains.

So, you don’t have to worry about your car skidding on mud or ice. Sounds fantastic, right?

As you already know, there are various options available when you are looking for a Ridge Grappler.

They all have unique quirks and features, and we are here to tell you about the best ones.

Ridge Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire – 35×12.50R17 121E

Ridge Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire - 35x12.50R17 121E

Ridge Grapplers are known for how good they perform on everyday usage. You get a lot of miles out of them, which is terrific for people who need to take their cars out every day.It is mainly suitable for small truck drivers.

However, the 35×12.50R17121E option is particularly perfect for this. This tire is better when it comes to longevity.

The build quality is excellent. It can perform well on any given terrain. So, it doesn’t matter if you drive on concrete or muddy roads.

When you are driving, noise from tires can be very irritating. That is not the case with this one.

Since it has excellent longevity, you will rarely notice any tire noise caused by wear and tear.

Even though the noise is low, the tires are still aggressive enough for rough terrains.

They can be put to great use when you take them off-road. Also, did we tell you that the price is reasonable?


  • Noise is low
  • Fantastic lifespan
  • Performs well on every terrain
  • Affordable price
  • Smooth riding experience


  • The customer service could be better
  • Not suitable for professional use

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Ridge Grappler All Season Radial Tire – 33×12.50R18 122F

Ridge Grappler All Season Radial Tire - 33x12.50R18 122F

It is not very convenient when you can only take your car out on the road during a specific weather.

You should be able to take your car out every day of the year and expect the same performance.

That is why all-season tires exist. You can use these tires in any given weather condition and still get a consistent riding experience.

However, when it comes to the Nitto Ridge Grapplers, you can always expect a bit more.

This tire has an amazing tread design. You will get the same grip and traction control on ice, water, and rocky roads.

The tires are also very durable. They can take on hot as well as freezing temperatures with no issue.

So, if you plan on having a great ride throughout the year, this one is the perfect option for you.

The durability is good enough, and you consistently get smooth rides every time. Plus, the tires have stone ejectors for added durability.


  • You can use it throughout the year
  • Stone ejectors
  • Load capacity is excellent
  • Universal fit capability
  • Staggered shoulder lugs enhance off-road grip


  • The ride can be a bit bumpy
  • Not perfect for rough usage

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Ridge Grappler All Season Radial Tire – 33×12.50R17 120E

Ridge Grappler All Season Radial Tire - 33x12.50R17 120E

Versatility and ease of use is another thing to consider when buying a new tire.

You need to check how easily it can fit your vehicle. A lot of people dread the fitting process.

The installation can be a bit hard sometimes. Moreover, if the tire is weighty, it can be a nightmare.

If you don’t want to deal with these issues, you should check this model of the Nitto Ridge Grapplers.

This tire has a universal fit feature, which, as the name suggests, can fit almost any given vehicle.

Of course, you have to use some obvious choice of vehicle here. You can’t expect this tire to fit on a Go-Kart.It would be nice if you could, though.

Another great feature is that the tire is lightweight. You also get the same great features as the other Ridge Grapplers.

So, if you want ease of use, you can go with this tire.


  • Fits universally
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Installation process is simple
  • Good versatility
  • Off-road grip is fantastic


  • The longevity is questionable
  • Slightly higher price tag

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BFGoodrich KO2

Recommended BFGoodrich KO2 to Buy

Now, let’s talk about the competitor. BFGoodrich has been on par with Nitto when it comes to quality.

However, this brand focuses more on overall performance. Their tires have fantastic durability, and they perform very well on most terrains.

It is mainly because of their superior tread design. If you want a hybrid tire that will give you not only good enough longevity but also impressive durability, check this tire out.

The price is comparatively low when you think about the number of features you are getting.

This tire is more suitable for rough riders than your average day-to-day guy. If you are one of them, consider yourself lucky because you will be getting an outstanding all-terrain performance.

The tires have excellent traction control, and you don’t slip very easily. It helps a lot when you are riding on muddy tracks or ice.

So, if you are in the market for a good off-road experience with a reasonably affordable price tag, this one is it.

Just like the Nitto Ridge Grapplers, the KO2 also has a lot of different tire options. So, we have picked the best ones available for your convenience.

KO2 Radial Tire – 245/75R16 120S

KO2 Radial Tire - 245/75R16 120S

When it comes to durability, off-road tires are the best option. However, not all of them can handle off-roading for a long time.

BFGoodrich KO2 tires are famous for their durability, but there is one option that takes the cake.

The 245/75R16 120S model is perfect for anyone who wants to test their tires out.

It has a specially formulated tread rubber that can handle anything. Also, it can reduce chips and has fantastic gravel road endurance.

This tire also distributes weight evenly, which reduces the wear over time. You get stone ejectors with it too.

This way, you will not see any sharp stone getting caught inside your tire. The tread design is perfect for excellent traction control in rough terrains.

We already know that this tire can perform well on almost every terrain. Still, unlike other tires, it can give you very impressive traction control on snowy roads.

So, if you continuously have to deal with challenging terrains, this tire will be the one for you.


  • Durability is amazing
  • Can handle snowy roads very well
  • Multiple stone ejectors
  • Tread design is very aggressive
  • Great traction control


  • Ride can be a bit bumpy
  • May get noisy over time

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KO2 All-Terrain Radial Tire – 265/75R16 123R

KO2 All-Terrain Radial Tire - 265/75R16 123R

Just because a tire can perform well off-road, it does not mean you are solely going to use it as a mountain riding sports car. You may have to do a lot of other day-to-day tasks as well.

Such tasks may include carrying heavy loads. You have to keep in mind that these tires are for not only SUVs but also small trucks. So, the load capacity is significantly important.

The best part about this tire is that it can carry up to 3,415 pounds with no problem at all. That is a lot of weight.

So, if you drive a small truck and have to carry heavy things from one point to another often, you should check this out.

This tire will be perfect for big family trips and work too. Therefore, you will be getting a lot of use out of this.

Of course, like all the other KO2 tires, it has incredible durability too. Now you can worry a bit less.


  • Outstanding load capacity
  • Great durability
  • Perfect for professional drivers
  • Split or bruise resistant
  • Works well on mud


  • The longevity could be better
  • Cannot be very quiet at the end

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KO2 Radial Tire – LT285/70R17/C 116/113Q 116Q

KO2 Radial Tire - LT285/70R17/C 116/113Q 116Q

Comfort is crucial when it comes to tires. If the tire is bumpy and has below-average control, then over time, it can be very frustrating to use. Sadly, most heavy-duty tires are not comfortable.

The riding experience for off-road tires can be very bumpy and, after prolonged use, noisy.

So, you need to choose your tires carefully. Fortunately, the one we have here is amazing for anyone who wants a comfortable and smooth riding experience.

This tire tries to keep the noise and bumps low, and it does an excellent job at it.

Even though it performs well enough on rough roads, it can give you a pleasant ride on smooth roads too.

Other than this, there are the usual features of KO2 tires available as well.
The tread design is great, and the price range is low too.

If you are in a tight budget but also need a high-quality, comfortable tire, then this will hands down be the best option for you. You are getting a lot of value out of this product.


  • Rides are smooth
  • Reduces noise a lot
  • Affordable price
  • Great tread design
  • Usable in severe winter


  • No universal fit
  • Not much load capacity

Ridge Grappler or BFGoodrich KO2 tires?

By now, we know which products are the best, but it is still not enough. We have to put them head-to-head and see which one is better at which category.


You can not underestimate durability when it comes to tires. Both of these tires have a fantastic build quality, but the BFGoodrich takes the crown.

When it comes to driving on rough terrains, we have found that the KO2s perform better than the Ridge Grapplers. The build quality is much better, and they offer more protection.


You can already guess the answer for this one. The Ridge Grapplers are better for longevity.

These tires are perfect for people who ride their vehicles every day. You can get more than 50,000 mileage with these tires.

That is a lot. Since the KO2s are primarily for more hardcore terrains, they don’t last very long.

Tread Design

When it comes to the design of the tread, it gets a bit more complicated. Both the tires have different designs which are perfect for different roads.

For concrete and rough terrains, the Ridge Grapplers are more suitable. They can keep the car steadier.

On the other hand, the KO2s are more suitable for rocky terrains. This tire can easily handle rough roads.

That being said, the overall experience on well-paved concrete roads is inferior.

So, if you are looking for more of a casual day-to-day ride with a heavy load, then the Ridge Grapplers would be the better option for you.

However, when it comes to raw performance on rough terrains, you can’t beat the KO2s.

Final Words

The comparison of the Ridge Grappler vs. KO2 was not an easy one. They both are very high-quality tires.

You have to pick one considering what you need. Nevertheless, it is easy to say that both of them are a safe choice. They both will give you amazing rides for a long time.

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