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If you are a truck enthusiast, you must already know that 35-inch tires are lately all the rage. They offer a wide range of added benefits and can change the off-roading game. Today we will be looking into F150. If you are a proud owner of an F150 looking to make the switch to 35-inch tires, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we will be answering your burning question: will 35 inch tires fit on an F150? We will also be discussing the benefits of 35-inch tires and the importance of tire fitment. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Why Get 35-inch Tires?

First, let us discuss why 35-inch tires are becoming so popular. Firstly, off-roading enthusiasts love these tires because of the ground clearance they offer. At 1 inch of clearance more than 33-inch tires, you can avoid a wider range of obstacles with a set of 35-inch tires. 

They also come in various types – all weather, for snowy or icy roads, rocky and graveling terrains, and so on. Furthermore, they provide a better grip on the road and excellent stability to the vehicle due to a bigger surface area. 

A great bonus is that the size of 35-inch tires balances out trucks and makes them look more visually appealing. It is widely agreed upon that trucks look better aesthetically with 35-inch tires – however, this factor is entirely subjective. 

Why Is a Good Fit Important?

As incredible as 35-inch tires may sound, purchasing them and having them installed onto your vehicle isn’t a one-stop solution or always the best choice. Tire fitment is a crucial issue, and in this segment, we will be discussing why.

So, to begin with, not all sizes can be installed into all vehicles. Some vehicles do not have enough space in the wheel well to accommodate bigger tires like the 35 inches. Thus, you will not be able to fit the tire into the well.

If the wheel well is too small, but you somehow manage to install the tires, the tires will rub against it, and that will lead to several problems, especially when you try to turn your vehicle. 

Will It Fit at Stock Height?

Unfortunately, the largest tires you will be able to fit on a stock F150, without any customization, are 33–34-inch tires. You can also use 32-inch tires if you have rims of 10-inch width. However, 35 inches and onwards, your vehicle will need some customization.

How to Make Them Fit?

Before we tell you what steps you need to take to fit 35-inch tires on your F150, we should warn you that this can be a relatively expensive process. In addition to the price of high-quality 35 inch tires, a fair bit of money will also be needed for vehicle customization. 


The first option is to have a 4-inch lift kit installed. However, this is a costly option – especially if you are getting it done professionally. 

Leveling Kit

A more affordable alternative to the 4-inch lift kit would be a 2.5-3-inch leveling kit, coupled with wheel spacers and some trimming. The fender, wheel well, and bumper plastic are the main components that would require trimming. 

Fender Liners

You may also remove fender liners altogether to make more space in the wheel well. However, you need to understand the risks of removing them. Fender liners are designed to protect your engine against water, mud, or debris. 

Final Words

So, will 35 inch tires fit on a F150? They will – but whether or not they are worth all the trouble you have to go through to have them installed on an F150 is up to you to decide!

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